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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Then Things Went Wrong.

So we were going to ride off into the sunset and watch our girl grow up to be all normal and stuff, but it didn't quite work out that way. She has had some occupational therapy to help with a slight speech delay and to refine some fine/gross motor skills, but other than that she has been a champ. People meet her and have no idea she was a preemie. Even the doctors are shocked when they meet her to find out she was a 24-weeker.
Then things went wrong...again. Azure has been diagnosed with hepatoblastoma. A tumor in the liver. It is rare for children to get liver tumors but if they do get one, this is the most common one for them to get. About 10% of cases have metastasized in the lungs upon diagnosis. Guess what, we have "nodules" in the lungs. We started chemo last week and are looking at a good six months of chemo, surgery then more chemo. It is treatable...if we caught it in time.
I have thought all her life that we were living on borrowed time and that we were never really meant to have her. I thought we cheated death when she survived her birth, then again graduating from the NICU, then again when her heart stopped at home and I had to revive her from her worst bradycardia episode. Never, ever, ever take your loved ones for granted. I believe she can beat The Big C, but it will not be a fun ride.
I am working on a new blog to follow our journey through treatment. It has nothing to do with fertility and I will not handle it the same way as this blog, so I do not want to link them. If you are interested, email me at bluetrunks at sbcglobal dot net and I can get you the new information.
Thank you for your continued support. It worked wonders last time, hopefully the same will be true again.