March for Babies

Monday, July 31, 2006

Checking In

We are fine, great in fact!
(I have tried three times in the past week to post and each one has been eaten before I could get it up. #%&$^@* computers! I love them so!)
I promise a real post soon with pictures and updates and all kinds of goodness.
For now, 8lb 2oz and 20 inches long! She is lovely and she is good humored and is starting to let me set her down for a few minutes at a time.
We have tentatively hired a nanny which is both good and absolutely frightening.
I actually have to go back to work next week.
NEXT. WEEK. (!!!!!)

I was asked about the amount of Domperidone I am taking. The answer is 3 tablets (10mg each) three times a day. I have enough to keep limping along without being overfull considering I am down to pumping only once or twice a day. This will improve I think once I go back to work and actually have a quiet place to myself to pump without needing to fetch pacifiers that have been flung from her pouty lips. We are supplementing both with frozen milk and with straight formula. I think she is getting the best of both worlds and I am not a complete wreck. WIN WIN!

She has a new nickname. PIPP (Yes, I thought of you LaLa.) which stands for Precious Inpatient Pretty Princess. She is all of those things! PippSqueak also works since she makes a sound that is quite squeakish.

More soon(ish), I promise!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I am still here

My how time does fly when you are having fun. It is July. This means that I have only three and a half weeks left of my maternity leave. AHHHH! and Ugh!

She is 7 pounds today. That is HUGE. No really, 7 pounds and 19 inches long is like, well, like a newborn! She is one month adjusted! We have made it to the positive numbers! I can stop saying things like "she is 44 weeks gestation". Now I can say "she is four and half months or one month adjusted". No matter how many times I say it (and I find myself saying it a lot because GOOD GOD, I CANNOT WALK THROUGH THE FREAKING GROCERY STORE WITHOUT 10 PEOPLE STOPPING TO ASK ME ABOUT THE CUTE LITTLE ITTY BITTY TEENY TINY BAAAABBBBEEEEE!) everyone gets a confused look on their face and I have to explain what adjusted means and it just sucks. Why can't every Tom, Dick and Harry know as much as you lovely Internets?

The good news is that very close to her actual first birthday (MIL asked yesterday which birthday we are supposed to celebrate, when she was born or her adjusted date. *eyes rolling*) she will be receiving the gift of a new baby cousin. YAY! We just found out that TBSILE (The Best Sister-In-Law Ever) is expecting #2. Again, I say YAY!

I just picked up one of these today and so far I am LOVING IT! I highly recommend it for those with wee ones since most carriers are designed for well, normal sized babies and their poor little legs get stretched out too wide and they end up just flopping around on top. (The picture there looks like the kid has been absolutely flattened which might argue with my leg-spreading point but it is totally adjustable and, well, look at the size of the kid!) This wrap works in front (tummy to tummy and facing out), hip, back and nursing cradle position. FABULOUS! Azure is as we speak drooling all over my cleavage but you know what? I am typing with too hands so WHO CARES!

Also, the home nurse visited from the County Health Department today. She suggested I mix 1/2 ounce of pear juice with 1/2 ounce of water and give that to her every day as a natural laxative sort of thing so that we don't have to rely on the suppositories when things get stopped up. I bought some this afternoon and told Azure she will be enjoying her first "treat" of Poop Juice this evening. (She hasn't moved anything in three days, since the last suppository was given.) Hopefully the Poop Juice will work, and I will owe the nurse a huge big ole thank you kiss. Or something.

In conclusion, still here, still lurking, still loving my temporary stint as a SAHM and missing you all.

PS - The Domperidone is working! She actually nursed for 20 minutes this morning on the left side and I was actually getting engorged! I know they always say that is a bad thing but you have to understand how soft and empty they girls have been for the past month. It was nice to feel full again. I need to be more strict with my pumping schedule, something that will actually get easier when I go back to work.