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Monday, July 31, 2006

Checking In

We are fine, great in fact!
(I have tried three times in the past week to post and each one has been eaten before I could get it up. #%&$^@* computers! I love them so!)
I promise a real post soon with pictures and updates and all kinds of goodness.
For now, 8lb 2oz and 20 inches long! She is lovely and she is good humored and is starting to let me set her down for a few minutes at a time.
We have tentatively hired a nanny which is both good and absolutely frightening.
I actually have to go back to work next week.
NEXT. WEEK. (!!!!!)

I was asked about the amount of Domperidone I am taking. The answer is 3 tablets (10mg each) three times a day. I have enough to keep limping along without being overfull considering I am down to pumping only once or twice a day. This will improve I think once I go back to work and actually have a quiet place to myself to pump without needing to fetch pacifiers that have been flung from her pouty lips. We are supplementing both with frozen milk and with straight formula. I think she is getting the best of both worlds and I am not a complete wreck. WIN WIN!

She has a new nickname. PIPP (Yes, I thought of you LaLa.) which stands for Precious Inpatient Pretty Princess. She is all of those things! PippSqueak also works since she makes a sound that is quite squeakish.

More soon(ish), I promise!


Reese said...

SO glad to hear from you! And to hear you are still pumping/breastfeeding. That's great! Sorry to hear your maternity leave is almost up... Can't wait to hear and see more! Also, LOVE the nickname.

Well-heeled mom said...

SO relieved to hear from you. Now I can quit checking in case you were wondering who is stalking you from Montana.

Rachel A said...

Glad to hear everything is going well! Would love to see a picture of Azure. It sounds like she is doing great. 8 lbs already! Way to go!

lagiulia said...

Really, really glad you're doing well! I miss reading your posts but know you must be kind of (heh) busy. Take care. Love the knew nickname!

Lala said...

awww. PIPP is a great nickname. We call her Piper diaper over here, or Pippa dippa. Or Principessa(italian prononciation). Too bad about going back to work, that must be traumatic for you.