March for Babies

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Big Kid Underpants !!! *Cringe*

Let the games begin!
At the encouragement of the child psychologst who teaches the Love & Logic classes we've been attending, we jumped into potty training with both feet. Drew a line in the sand. Made a firm decision. EEK! (Is it too late for me to run away from home?)
I couldn't find any 4T rubber pants. They go up to 3T or 35lbs. She is around 40lbs. So, she sits on a towel on the couch, I'll probably sit her on a plastic bag in the car seat & hope for the best. We think we'll stick with diapers or pull ups during sleeping times (naps & at night) until she has things under control during waking hours. She says she "needs Mommy" when she's wet & she gets changed. She picks the undies & dresses herself. We did push her to sit on the potty & counted to 3 then gave her 3 Smarties. If she gets to a count of 4 then 4 Smarties (or M&Ms or whatever). She doesn't like to feel wet so she will have to eventually lean towards the potty...right? Right?
The more comfortable we can make her with the potty the better. I asked why she tries at school but not home. She said our toilet "growls" at her. I told her we are here to help her & would never let the toilet hurt her.
I have dreaded this her whole life. I guess if I look at it as a laundry problem instead of a battle of wills we'll all be better off.
Not knowing whether to push her out of her comfort zone or let her lead the way has gotten us to where we are. If it were up to her she would just stay in diapers forever. To be honest, it is easier on all of us that way. *sigh* But, I need to shove my baby bird out of the nest & hope she starts flapping her wings before she hits the ground.