March for Babies

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Vampires Strike Close to Home

I was listening to the audiobook "Breaking Dawn" the other day, the final in the Twilight series of Teen-Vampire-Angst. **SPOILER ALERT** What hit me the hardest was not the end of the story, not saying good-bye to the characters. I was blind-sided by the traumatic birth and the fact that, following the birth of her baby, Bella was separated from her, for the baby's own good. Later, she has to go meet this baby who she doesn't yet know as her daughter, a stranger.
THAT'S HOW I FELT going into the NICU for the first time!!!! My daughter was shown to me for a fraction of a second before being whisked away to the NICU (with good reason of course) and T and I were left in the room alone. Hours later we went to meet our daughter. We were taught how to scrub in, put the hospital gowns over our street clothes and lead into the room full of brightly lit isolettes and warming beds. HOW DO I KNOW WHICH ONE IS MINE? I didn't know my own daughter, the one who had been a part of my own body that very same day. I had to rely on a stranger to tell me which bed to go to. I didn't know what I would find, I didn't know what she looked like. All I knew was that, at that point, she was still alive.
THAT SUCKED!!!! I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with the Twilight series of books, but this particular story-line got my attention. I GOT it, because I had LIVED it.
*sigh* I think I need to go back to simple fun books like the Harry Potter series or Anne of Green Gables or something.