March for Babies

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

10 Things I Learned This Weekend

1) Directors are allowed some creative liberties when producing a show but with a musical as much loved as Les Miserables one should use prudent caution. *shaking my head* It was still a good time but he tried to make it into a comedy and it is just not that sort of show.

2) When you have a favorite specialty drink at a particular restaurant do not be wooed away by the New and Improved Specialty Drink, it will not be as good and you will wish you had just ordered your favorite anyway.

3) When you are grilling BBQ pork ribs do not forget they are on the grill until you see smoke roll by the living room window, it will be too late to save them and you will end up ordering take out ribs from Damon’s instead which will be fabulous and melt in your mouth but you will not enjoy them due to the sour taste of dinner failure that is clogging up your taste buds at that given time. (This is actually one that T learned, but I was there and had to listen to his constant apologies for two days about the spoiled dinner. Poor Guy)

4) When painting trim in the bathroom between the floor and the walls/tub you will spend twice as long picking paint out from under your fingernails than you did actually painting the right piece since you will then need to scrape the paint off of the wrong pieces (walls/tub) before it dries.

5) No matter the precautions you take to prevent just such an occurrence your black/dark brown dog will inevitably rub up against the wall you just painted white leaving paint on her fur and her fur in your paint. (Hey, people go out of their way for the textured look. We just need Maggie.)

6) Shrimp + Steak + Onion + Green Pepper (all grilled) topped with mushroom gravy and melted cheese = YUMMMM!!!!!!!

7) When you go shopping at the store that is going out of business (because their clothing is ugly and overpriced) so that your husband can find some nice dress clothes at a discount, he will not find anything that he likes but you will come away with a new dress which then leads you to another store to buy matching shoes and purse. (Is this really a problem?)

8) When you wake up early in the morning and weigh yourself expecting to have gained 5 pounds but instead realize you have lost 8 DO NOT measure yourself find you have lost another inch around your waist then program this new information into the scale to see if your % bodyfat will go down even more. This will result in you seeing you have gained back 4.5 pounds in the time between the first weigh in and the second even though you did not have anything to eat or drink. (@#&!@$# Scale. I am sticking with the lower number.)

9) Television personalities will never understand the irony in asking (because she is a woman) Danica Patrick in her bazillionth interview in three days (because she is a woman) whether or not she has faced any sexism being in a male dominated sport (because she is a woman). Nor will they understand that she did an amazing job for a Rookie period, not just a female rookie.

10) Mornings always come when I am sleeping and therefore NOT in the mood to get out of bed.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Make a Wish and Blow Out the Candle

So it is my official one-year blogoversary.

YAY! Except. I do not feel YAY about it. I am glad that I blog. I love to write my posts and I love to read other blogs. I am not sure how I feel about knowing that I have been doing this for a year though. On the one hand, time has FLOWN by. I cannot believe it has been 12 whole months already. On the other hand, I cannot really remember what life was like before I started blogging. I do not write in my paper journal any less (never have done it frequently anyway) and I still visit the same few message boards that I did last year. I guess I am in a same-ole-same-ole sort of place. (SSDD – Same Shit Different Day) I would like to shout out “You’ve come a long way baby!” but I am not anywhere closer to having a baby now than I was a year ago. Sure, I have a date with the Fertility God next week. My first ever trip to the RE. I am like a virgin but I am sorry to say that I will NOT be touched for the very first time. Heh heh. However, we will not be jumping right into high tech treatments this summer due to financial loose ends, which need to be tied up first. Maybe by fall. So, really, it is just more of the same. (Are you tired of hearing me say that yet? More of the same? I am starting to think I say that a lot.)

In reflection, I look back at the blogs I first started reading last year. One brought home an adorable little boy born much too early which scared the bejesus out of his parents and the entire IF blogging community. And (yes, I know I am not supposed to start a sentence with the word and but it works here OK?) one is waiting with held breath as her surrogate gets closer and closer to the not bad thing. I read many many more blogs than these but these are the two that got me going in the first place. I did not know one could actually LAUGH about this gut wrenching period in life. That is something I have learned from blogging. I am grateful for that lesson learned. I hold it close to my heart.

I am stronger than I was a year ago. I know that every step I take now leads me closer to becoming a mother. A year ago I was still waiting for T to really get on board, he just did not feel ready yet. Every month that passed without even trying broke my heart because I could feel my biological children slipping farther and farther away from me. I want to adopt, have always felt that would be the way for me to build my family but to lose an opportunity before I even had the chance to address it was breaking me from the inside out. Now that we are in the thick of things and heading in a steady forward progression I feel at peace. I am getting closer day by day, and whether it happens biologically or through adoption does not matter to me. Eventually I will get there, and I plan on taking all of you along for the ride.

Is this getting mushy? Sorry.

So I am not in a “YAY” place, but I am in a “Thanks for being here with me” place.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Humble and Grateful

I just found out that yet another co-worker has cancer. Well, this makes two co-workers who have cancer and another one whose spouse has it. It is a blow to the company which is small, only about 30 employees in all. Does this mean that 1 in 10 people develope cancer? Scary. I am not sad really, more grateful for what I have in my life and glad that despite my struggles which seem so huge sometimes that I am basically healthy.

Grateful for:

T, the most amazing person I have ever known.

My two best friends who are the closest things to sisters I have, I love them both.

My dog Maggie who brings me joy on a daily basis, even when she is being a pain in the butt.

I have job security. (Even more so now apparently)

I have a roof over my head and my own car.

Literacy, I don't know what I would do if I couldn't read.

Honey Roasted Peanut PayDay candie bars. (I know they are not on my diet, shut up!)

The internet.

So many other things I don't have time to list them right now.

T's Bad Day

T went to the doctor yesterday to get a complete physical. He H-A-T-E-S doctors. He saw Dr. Compassionate, the same one who gave us the official insurance referral to go to Dr. JellyFinger (who turned out to be Dr. Don’tWasteMyTime). He said that they talked for about 15 minutes, she offered to examine him but said that the urologist was an expert and would probably do everything she would do and more so it really wasn’t worth it at that point. T agreed. She was impressed with his support of me in this TTC venture.

Once we returned from Dr. JellyFinger/Don’tWasteMyTime we understood that he had made his mind up before we stepped foot in his office that T did not in fact have a problem. He has good swimmers, good motility and good morphology; the numbers were just a bit low. He told us to have faith in quality not quantity and then pointed the finger at me as the reason we have not yet conceived. (“We don’t like to place blame, or say it is anyone’s fault, but…” all the while gesturing in my direction.) This did not sit well with T. He was actually quite angry. It seemed that the urologist was not interested in helping him until or unless his count dropped below 1 million/ml. This is not helpful to us. We know that I have issues so we need T to be in as perfect shape as he can be to help counteract my deficiencies.

This prompted T to go back to Dr. Compassionate and see if she could help him/us out. She asked how the urologist went and he said “Not worth a Fuck!” He explained what happened and suggested we tell my GYN about it so that maybe she would find someone else to refer her patients’ husbands to in the future. I think this is an excellent idea. She gave him a complete physical, stated he was healthy with a strong heart and only SLIGHTLY elevated blood pressure (he has a family history of high blood pressure).

She was ecstatic about his weight loss efforts, his progress so far and his current exercise program. She said his body heat during exercise seemed just fine for his little swimmers since the heat is not constant. He sweats hard for about 20 minutes and then it trails off as he is lifting weights and riding the bike. No problem there. This is a BIG relief for T since he was concerned that his hard work was actually damaging our chances at having a baby.

She then told T that she and her husband had struggled with infertility and eventually adopted three children domestically. He immediately had so many questions he wanted to ask her and was so excited to find someone who “gets it” but thought that it would be inappropriate to ask her. We are going to see if we can name her as his primary care physician though. He has “fired” the last two doctors he has had due to their apathy. She actually cared enough to sit and talk to him and tried to alleviate his anxieties about being there in the first place (did I mention he hates doctors?).

He goes back on Thursday for blood work (he needed to fast for the cholesterol screening) and to have a spot taken off his wrist which is not a mole but needs to come out. Hopefully we will have the results back before we head to the Fertility God next week Friday. (Fingers crossed chanting “please, please, please”.)

In other news. T lost his wedding ring yesterday. Rather, he noticed it was missing yesterday. Since his weight loss it has been a struggle just to keep the thing on his hand, it is at least 2 sizes too big. He looked all over for it in a panic and could not find it. He was almost late to the doctor’s because he was looking for it. He is not able to wear his ring to work since it would be a safety hazard. He usually keeps his watch and ring together so he can wear them both when he is home. His watch was sitting on the kitchen table; the ring was nowhere to be seen. We looked through all the papers and pile of keys, even digging through the dog’s food bin wondering if it had slipped off of his finger while he was feeding her. Nothing. We looked in the guestroom where he had been stripping wallpaper and rewiring the outlets and switches. Nothing. We looked in the office where he was also working on the electrical. Nothing. He looked in his car, under the seats, in the console. He looked through his dirty laundry wondering if it fell off in one of his pockets. He dug through the fishbowl we use to collect spare change since he had rolled some of it on Sunday. Nothing. I then wondered allowed if he had been wearing it when we packed up the stuff we took to Goodwill on Sunday. The look of horror on his face was indescribable.

We grabbed the dog, hopped in the car and drove over to Goodwill. They had already sorted through all of the donations from last weekend. They had not noticed a ring but we were more than welcome to fill out a miss-donation form and file it with the main office. If something came up, then they would let us know. Poor T was just heartbroken. I told him it would be OK, that his ring would turn up somewhere, probably right after we replaced it. He did not want a replacement; he wanted his ring, the one that I put on his finger when I (strapped the ball and chain to his leg) swore that I would be his forever. He had made himself sick thinking about it all day. Poor guy.

I went back into the living room to look again where we had already looked and to check between the cushions of the couch when he hollered that he had found it. It must have slipped off his hand when he was putting our gym bags away on Sunday. It was in the outside pocket of his bag. He was SO relieved. I think next week we will finally get into the jeweler and get that ring re-sized.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

It is a List Day

Songs that make me cry:

Goovy Kind of Love, Phil Collins – T and I skated to this at an 8th grade skating party.

Always, Bon Jovi – The phrase “forever and a day” just gets me.

Christmas Shoes, NewSong – No explanation necessary.

Live Like You Were Dyin’, Tim McGraw – Tim lost his own father and thinking of T losing his father and the thought of either one of us losing the other is just too much.

Bang a Drum, Jon Bon Jovi – I want this played at my funeral.

Movies that make me cry:

Life is Beautiful, Roberto Benigni - The love this man showed for his son is just …just…*sob*

Forrest Gump, Robert Zemeckis, Tom Hanks, Robin Wright (Penn) – When he’s talking to Jenny by the tree and he brought her letter from little Forrest. (The song “I’m Forrest…Forrest Gump” was my wedding march. It is the song at the very beginning of the movie when the feather falls at his foot.)

Always, Steven Spielberg, Richard Dreyfuss, Holly Hunter, John Goodman – Life goes on after the love of your life dies? I didn’t think that was possible.

Ghost, Jerry Zucker, Demi Moore, Patrick Swayze, Whoopie Goldberg – At the end when he says “The love inside, you take it with you.”

Movies that make me laugh:

The Ref, Ted Demme, Denis Leary, Judy Davis, Kevin Spacey – “You know what this family needs? A mute!” Watch it every Christmas, without fail.

Steel Magnolias, Herbert Ross, Sally Field, Dolly Parton, Julia Roberts, Daryl Hannah, Shirley MaClaine, Olympia Dukakis – “Boys, don’t dress your sister’s car up in condoms! It’s tacky!”

Moonstruck, Norman Jewison, Cher, Nicholas Cage, Olympia Dukakis, Danny Aiello – “I’m so confused” the grandfather says as he cries into his napkin.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Joel Zwick, Nia Vardalos, John Corbett – “I put some Windex on it.”

The Princess Bride, William Goldman, Robin Wright (Penn), Cary Elwes, Mandy Patinkon, Wallace Shawn, Andre the Giant – Who can pick a quote, there are so many.

Books I read over and over:

The Green Mile, Stephen King – The movie DID do it justice, the books are fantastic. Read them in the separately published editions to add to the suspense.

The Chronicles of Narnia, CS Lewis – Childhood favorites, always a good read.

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, Barbara Robinson – One word, SHAZAAM!!!

It, Stephen King – I love when King writes about kids. He make me want to hop on my bike and go exploring with my friends.

So what are your favorites? (Shameless attempt at increasing comments.)

Monday, May 23, 2005

We Come in Peace with Much Respect, No Ray Guns for this Stay Puff Marshmallow Man

Have I ever mentioned the OTHER member of our family? No? Well, sit back, relax and let me tell you about him. You will not believe it...really.

The summer after we were married my husband's grandmother moved into a nursing home. She had been suffering blackouts and had fallen several times. We were quite concerned that she might take a header down the basement steps at some point. It was time she stopped living by herself and as much as she hated to admit it, she agreed.

We bought her house from her which helped pay for her care. The week we moved in one of the two light bulbs in the bedroom burned out. Since we stored the light bulbs in the basement (two floors below said bedroom), I was procrastinating about getting a new one in there. Besides, we still had one that worked, right? So a few days went by and I took another box upstairs to unpack it and noticed that both bulbs were lit up again. I thanked T for changing it scolding myself for my own procrastination. Except, he hadn't put a new bulb in. We stopped and looked at each other in that If-I-didn't-do-it-and-you-didn't-do-it-then-who-did sort of way. It was one of those weird things that just itches at you as much as you try to move on, it bothers you.

Strange things continue to happen. We buy those extended 20-year-life-span light bulbs only to have to change them in a couple months. We have exploded light bulbs, we have seen them smoking, we have pulled switch plate covers away from the wall to reveal scorch marks underneath. It is AMAZING the house has not burned down. AMAZING!

We decided that there was another inhabitant of the house causing all this trouble and also protecting the house and us. We have a ghost. We named him Frank. We know he wasn't a past owner of the house since T's grandparents bought it brand new in the mid 1950s. We don't believe there were any burial grounds around in this area before it turned into a neighborhood. We have no explanation for why Frank would be in our house at all unless he was the original electrician when the house was being constructed who died in some freak accident and his spirit wasn't able to leave. This is pure speculation on my part.

For the most part, we get along pretty well with Frank. He's never done anything malicious, just annoying and somewhat disconcerting and usually electrically related. This weekend one of the two light bulbs in the guest room blew out; T was busy stripping wallpaper in there so he didn't change it right away. Sunday, it was working again. Yeah, that was Frank.

We went out Saturday night. Got home about 10pm with our Wendy's take out salads. We ate, watched the end of the NASCAR Nextel Cup All Star Challenge (GO MARK MARTIN!!!! WHOO HOO!!!!) and decided to call it a night. As we headed upstairs, I noticed a strange light emanating from the crawl space, which serves as our attic. I asked T if he had left a light on in there (there are no lights in the attic, we use our camping lantern to see in there). He said, "Yeah... last week". The lantern had never turned on for him when he was looking for something in there last Saturday. So now, an entire week later, the lantern came on all by itself. It only takes a heartbeat for us to look at each other in wonder and then immediately know it must have been Frank. This sort of thing is right up his alley.

It then occurred to T that maybe Maggie's anxiety is due to Frank's presence. I would think animals would be very sensitive to spiritual "guests". (Actually, it's Frank's house, we are just visiting.) "Frank, Buddy," T said out loud, "Ease up on the poor doggy! She needs to eat!"

Hopefully Frank will listen.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

And Still, Even More of the Same

Husband is still depressed.

Dog is still puking. Vet said to double her anti-anxiety meds.

Work is crazy busy.

Waiting to ovulate.

Would LOVE a big ol’ gin martini with a little dirt and two olives.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Farts and Money and Writing, Oh My!

- I have added some fiber to my diet lately which has helped to keep me regular however I have become noticeably more gassy and farty as of late. I keep doing the one cheek sneak whenever I’m in the car and I will run to the ladies room to relieve myself … of air. I am officially adopting the new name Farty McFartpants until this works itself out. (I tried to convince myself that gas was a pregnancy symptom but at 2 weeks it seems a bit early, don’t you think? I mean, I haven’t even ovulated yet. I’m not counting my eggs before they hatch (HA!))

- I think I figured out the sure-fire way to conceive this cycle. My best friend called and announced they have set a wedding date at the beginning of August…in Seattle. That would mean flying to the far edge of the continent (world), getting a dress fitted and doing all the crazy running around wedding stuff LONG DISTANCE while making the transition from 1st to 2nd trimester. Sounds like the perfect set up to me. Yeah, this will work. I knew I could count on her, she has been so supportive of my attempts to have a baby and now she’s actually helping! So cool. Love You S!

- My dog is taking anti-anxiety drugs to help her calm down and eat. She is skipping meals or requiring MUCH coaxing to get her to eat. Poor girl. I don’t know what else to do for her. The good news is, she has not thrown up, which was our goal so maybe it is working. I don’t know. She still begs for our food, especially lettuce, apples and grapes. Crazy dog.

- We had a guy out last night to give us an estimate on new siding for our small house and garage. We were thinking $4000 and lower we do it, pay 12-months-same-as-cash and be done with it. We get the house refinanced so that we can afford to start ART in the fall. Sounds like a good plan right? Well, the man wanted a bit more than we expected. Like $10,000 MORE than what we expected. I’ll wait while you choke, I know I did when I heard it. You Ok? Good. Now we need to find someone else whom we would not trust as much to do this for cheaper so that we can continue as planned and hopefully be able to afford ART in the fall. All this while planning a trip to Seattle and buying a dress and paying the summer taxes…I’m screwed. I should become a crackwhore to support my home improvement venture, which will eventually lead to ART so in the end the crackwhore career-change COULD be my way to become a mother.

- I have had trouble coming up with good posts the last few days. I think it is because I am in that really boring waiting-to-ovulate period where things are not quite depressing yet and you’re over the fact that you had a period to begin with and now things are just… normal. I have kept a diary at home since I was in the 4th grade. I have noticed over the years that I don’t write when I am happy. I write when I am upset about something and need an outlet. Happy is more difficult to put down in words.

Monday, May 09, 2005

180 Degrees and Full Steam Ahead!

Friday = Spotting, Cursing and many "I'm Sorries" between T and I.

Saturday = Drinking.

Sunday = Drinking a LOT.

Monday = Full blown AF with clots and cramps, a call from the nurse that my biopsy showed that I did ovulate but my progesterone was low so they suggest I start using the Prochieve again. (Not a surprise, any of it.) THEN!!!!!! I asked for and was granted a referral to the Fertility God. My appointment is the first week of June (she could have gotten me in next week but T has a physical scheduled next week and we would like to take the results of his 3rd SA to the RE with us. After years of waiting to make this very phone call I had to ask her to push my appointment back further. Does the irony ever end?).

so YAY!!!!

Friday, May 06, 2005

Haiku! ... Bless You

I’m not a mother
I don’t play one on TV
Hope can kiss my ass

Mother’s day is here
With so much celebration
For what I don’t have

High temp in morning
No symptoms to speak of, yet
Strange pains down below

Fat bloated ov’ries
So sore, want to puncture them
Let that pressure out

Worse yet, husband’s hope
Don’t want to disappoint him
He loves me so much

Constant dialogue
Argue with myself, pro, con
Hopes raise then crash down

Coughing phlegm for days
Snotty nose and the sore throat
Make me unhappy

Ain’t life just peachy?
Smile wide for the outsiders
Is it bedtime yet?

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

My Whole Family Has Been to the Doctor This Week!

So Maggie, my 2 year old lab/boxer mix has gone through some eating issues prompting many a strange call to the vet's office.

Call #1: Yes, I was wondering if it were possible for a dog to have acid reflux?
Vet Assistant: Um, no.

Our dog throws up bile on an empty stomach so to ensure she doesn't have an empty stomach we feed her 4 small meals a day at 5am, noon, 5pm and 9:30pm. We started giving her Tagamet to knock down the excess stomach acid hoping she would stop throwing up on an empty stomach. This worked as long as she didn't miss any meals, if you are paying attention this also means that her stomach is not empty.

Call #2: Yes, I think my dog has an eating disorder.
Vet Assistant: ?

Maggie started skipping meals. We wouldn't mind so much if it weren't for her throwing up. It isn't good for her to keep doing that and to be honest, it isn't good for our new carpeting. She would sniff her food and walk away. She would have food in her crate, readily available which she would not eat and then throw up because of her empty stomach. This got worse when T was putting trim down in the kitchen and living room as we had the furniture and kitchen appliances pulled out from the walls and did I mention Maggie HATES change? T physically put food into her mouth and she would spit it out. (She would of course always wait expectantly for us to drop "people food" so she could snatch that up.)

Call #3: Yes, is it possible for my dog to be autistic?
Vet Assistant: ? (writes note in chart that dog is perfectly fine but owner is questionable)

I took her to the vet Monday night and he quickly diagnosed her anxiety. The term he used is "a bomb waiting to go off" (My dog is about to go postal!). She is such a bundle of nerves she doesn't know what to do with herself. She gets anxious and doesn't eat, if she doesn't eat then she throws up. To solve the problem, we need to calm her nerves so she will eat ensuring she doesn't have an empty stomach.

Maggie is now on anti-anxiety drugs. I used to joke about her having ADHD and needing Ritalin. I made this joke to the vet but he didn't laugh, he said I was right. Geez! So, we'll see if we can get her to mellow out a bit and then wean her off of the drugs. *shaking head*

Yesterday I took the day off of work to accommodate an endometrial biopsy on my part and a urology appointment on T's part. These were new experiences for both of us and as you can imagine, neither one of us were looking forward to our respective appointments. To alleviate the "you are afraid of what you don't know" thing we both did a bit of searching online so we would know what to expect. Everything I saw on the biopsy from first hand accounts started with "Ouch". This coupled with the fact that the doctor told me to take Motrin before the appointment lead me to believe this would not be pleasant. T was definitely NOT reassured by what he found online and was dreading his appointment.

My appointment was at 11:30am so I scheduled a massage at 10am to get myself relaxed. I planned on taking 800mg of Motrin right before my massage to give it time to get into my system before my appointment. In theory it was the perfect plan. In practice, not so much. I forgot the pill. I realized this as I was walking back to my car post-massage. I didn't have time to stop at home what with all the construction on the way so I stopped by the Walgreen's down the street from the doctor's office and bought Advil Liquigels and a bottle of water. I downed 5 of them (1000mg) and called it the best I could do. I got to the office and was called back rather quickly. I think I was the last appointment before lunch. The nurse asked if I had taken anything, I said Advil, she said one or two, I said five, her eyes bugged out. Hey, I take 800mg for mentrual cramps, I think a little more is in order when having things shoved into my ute!

The nurse gave me her hand to hold. People, when the DOCTOR tells you that this will hurt a little (I believe the direct quote was "little cramp") you know that means you are about to go through the roof! I didn't want to break the poor nurse's hand so I just tried to breathe through it. Yeah, that didn't really work and it re-affirmed my thoughts on getting an epidural when/if the time comes to actually give birth. The doctor was also delighted at the fact that I have lost 6 pounds since I was last in her office a month ago. :0) Once she was finished trying to impale me she told me to lay back and relax a few minutes and when I was ready to get up and get dressed. They checked back on me a few minutes later to find me dressed and heading toward the check out desk. They seemed a bit shocked at my recovery time, they forget, I have Endo. One does not stop for a cramping ute when one has Endo. I slapped on a Thermocare heat patch and the complimentary pad provided by the doctor and was on my way.

I went home, made myself a big salad for lunch and watched episode after episode of Adoption Stories from the DVR while I waited for T to get home so we could go to his appointment in the afternoon. Did I mention he was nervous? It actually turned out MUCH better than either of us expected. The doctor said he saw no problem with T's S/As. That the differences between the tests were very natural and he saw no cause for concern. (Really? 45.7 million down to 17.6 million?) He patted us on the back and wished us luck. The motility and morphology were excellent so the count didn't concern him at all. We think once he heard my history he wrote off any problems that T might have as not being the problem. He actually said "We of course don't like to place blame...but... (and then gestured towards me). He told us to focus on quality not quantity and said we should be good to go.

It went a little TOO smoothly. We talked about it last night and decided that the urologist is used to seeing worst case scenarios so that T's average to low numbers were nothing to worry about in his mind (not like the 10 million or 600,000 that he used as examples of his usual patients). However, since we are facing the fact that MY issues are what they are we need his numbers to be as good as they can get to improve our chances. We decided we will have him do another SA to act sort of as a tie breaker. We have one high(er) and one low so let's see what the third one says. He also agreed to take Fertility Blend.

So, at this point we are back to waiting. Waiting for the results of my biopsy and waiting for T to have a repeat test and we will then take these results to the Fertility God (RE) and see what he has to say. THEN, we will sit down and discuss all the possabilities and decide where to go from here.

Keeping Fingers Crossed

Monday, May 02, 2005

Random Thoughts About My Weekend In No Particular Order

 Washing the car before your road trip will ensure driving through scattered showers on the way to your destination so that when you arrive the car is all spotty and looks like you never washed it. Duh!

 To the gentleman (I assume it was a guy) who was sitting in the upper bowl at the Palace this weekend enjoying the Velvet Revolver show:
Dear Sir, it is in no way appropriate to hurl your tabacco spit cup into the crowd of unsuspecting people sitting below you thus covering my neighbor’s lap and the hair and back of the woman sitting in front of her with your menthol/mint flavored chew spit. It is disrespectful and oh yeah, gross. Please keep this in mind for future occasions where you are out in public. Thank you.

 To the other guests on the second (and possibly third) floor of our hotel this weekend. I do humbly apologize if my exuberance was a bit, um, loud on Saturday afternoon. In my defense…it wasn’t my fault, that's what happens in hotels.

 To the lovely people at the map/directions website. Please keep construction in mind when giving people directions in a city with which they are unfamiliar. This little oversight on your part caused our 30-minute ride back to our hotel after the concert to become an hour and a half ride back during which we suspected we might end up in either Orlando or Chicago. I cannot take I-75 if it is no longer there, the bridge, it is gone. Thank you.

 To Scott (lead singer of Velvet Revolver and former lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots), I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that your years of drug abuse may have scrambled a part of your brain but the police hat and the dancing lead my husband to ask me whether or not I had brought him to a Village People concert and the rest of the night we kept mouthing YMCA to each other. Please keep this in mind for future shows so that people might not get confused. Thanks Buddy! (Awesome job by the way!)

 To the designers of the Palace of Auburn Hills. Way to go on the 3:1 ratio of Ladies Rooms to Mens Rooms causing the MEN to stand in line backing up out into foot traffic. Good One! Thumb Up!

 To the manufacturers of the VR ladies hoody which I wanted to purchase but couldn’t because even the XL size would have fit my 4 year old niece and she is petite. Get a clue on your sizing, please. Thank you. I am however very happy with my standard black concert T-shirt which while “totally cool” is not the “way cool” that I suspect the ladies hoody would be…if it would actually fit over my boobs.

 To the director of parking at the Palace of Auburn Hills. Man, I’ve got to hand it to you. You sure do know how to rape your customers but good! $15.00 for parking a car to go to an event for which the people have already shelled out four times that much and will pay more for food and drink inside. ($7.50 for a Sprite, are you kidding me?) I hope your bonuses are big and beefy this year so that you can afford to attend an event at your own place of business…you bastard!

 To our neighbor at the hotel this weekend who was coughing and hacking up loogies all morning. Dude, seriously, go see a doctor. Your continuous opera of gurgling lung expulsions was not the soundtrack I was hoping for to accompany my Sunday Morning Vacation Sex. You need help, really.