March for Babies

Thursday, May 19, 2005

And Still, Even More of the Same

Husband is still depressed.

Dog is still puking. Vet said to double her anti-anxiety meds.

Work is crazy busy.

Waiting to ovulate.

Would LOVE a big ol’ gin martini with a little dirt and two olives.


oliviadrab said...

Sounds like your household is having a great time. Sorry. I hope it gets better. I'll toss back a 'tini in your honor, Blue.

Tiff said...

I am sorry.
I'll toss one (or 2) back for ya too. ;)

Sandy said...

Ollie and Tiffanni are such good friends. I can't toss back a 'tini (although I love the sound of that phrase!) but I will hug my dog and think of yours ok? Hope you're hanging in there.