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Monday, May 09, 2005

180 Degrees and Full Steam Ahead!

Friday = Spotting, Cursing and many "I'm Sorries" between T and I.

Saturday = Drinking.

Sunday = Drinking a LOT.

Monday = Full blown AF with clots and cramps, a call from the nurse that my biopsy showed that I did ovulate but my progesterone was low so they suggest I start using the Prochieve again. (Not a surprise, any of it.) THEN!!!!!! I asked for and was granted a referral to the Fertility God. My appointment is the first week of June (she could have gotten me in next week but T has a physical scheduled next week and we would like to take the results of his 3rd SA to the RE with us. After years of waiting to make this very phone call I had to ask her to push my appointment back further. Does the irony ever end?).

so YAY!!!!

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Jen P said...

Thinking of you. Hoping this weeks treats you well and the 3rd SA goes smoothly.

Best wishes.