March for Babies

Friday, May 06, 2005

Haiku! ... Bless You

I’m not a mother
I don’t play one on TV
Hope can kiss my ass

Mother’s day is here
With so much celebration
For what I don’t have

High temp in morning
No symptoms to speak of, yet
Strange pains down below

Fat bloated ov’ries
So sore, want to puncture them
Let that pressure out

Worse yet, husband’s hope
Don’t want to disappoint him
He loves me so much

Constant dialogue
Argue with myself, pro, con
Hopes raise then crash down

Coughing phlegm for days
Snotty nose and the sore throat
Make me unhappy

Ain’t life just peachy?
Smile wide for the outsiders
Is it bedtime yet?

1 comment:

oliviadrab said...

Beaut. I feel your pain. Especially the bloated ovaries pain.