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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

10 Things I Learned This Weekend

1) Directors are allowed some creative liberties when producing a show but with a musical as much loved as Les Miserables one should use prudent caution. *shaking my head* It was still a good time but he tried to make it into a comedy and it is just not that sort of show.

2) When you have a favorite specialty drink at a particular restaurant do not be wooed away by the New and Improved Specialty Drink, it will not be as good and you will wish you had just ordered your favorite anyway.

3) When you are grilling BBQ pork ribs do not forget they are on the grill until you see smoke roll by the living room window, it will be too late to save them and you will end up ordering take out ribs from Damon’s instead which will be fabulous and melt in your mouth but you will not enjoy them due to the sour taste of dinner failure that is clogging up your taste buds at that given time. (This is actually one that T learned, but I was there and had to listen to his constant apologies for two days about the spoiled dinner. Poor Guy)

4) When painting trim in the bathroom between the floor and the walls/tub you will spend twice as long picking paint out from under your fingernails than you did actually painting the right piece since you will then need to scrape the paint off of the wrong pieces (walls/tub) before it dries.

5) No matter the precautions you take to prevent just such an occurrence your black/dark brown dog will inevitably rub up against the wall you just painted white leaving paint on her fur and her fur in your paint. (Hey, people go out of their way for the textured look. We just need Maggie.)

6) Shrimp + Steak + Onion + Green Pepper (all grilled) topped with mushroom gravy and melted cheese = YUMMMM!!!!!!!

7) When you go shopping at the store that is going out of business (because their clothing is ugly and overpriced) so that your husband can find some nice dress clothes at a discount, he will not find anything that he likes but you will come away with a new dress which then leads you to another store to buy matching shoes and purse. (Is this really a problem?)

8) When you wake up early in the morning and weigh yourself expecting to have gained 5 pounds but instead realize you have lost 8 DO NOT measure yourself find you have lost another inch around your waist then program this new information into the scale to see if your % bodyfat will go down even more. This will result in you seeing you have gained back 4.5 pounds in the time between the first weigh in and the second even though you did not have anything to eat or drink. (@#&!@$# Scale. I am sticking with the lower number.)

9) Television personalities will never understand the irony in asking (because she is a woman) Danica Patrick in her bazillionth interview in three days (because she is a woman) whether or not she has faced any sexism being in a male dominated sport (because she is a woman). Nor will they understand that she did an amazing job for a Rookie period, not just a female rookie.

10) Mornings always come when I am sleeping and therefore NOT in the mood to get out of bed.


Tiff said...

Wow! Sounds like an 'informative' weekend! My DH learned # 4 recently too. Painting sucks!

Jen P said...

Les Mis can never, never be a comedy. I don't care if Robin Williams was in just can't be!!

As for #3...your husband and I SO NEED cooking lessons. Although, secretly I am glad to hear other people forget about cooking!!

Hope you're doing well and the paint comes off the fur nicely.

ThreeBees said...

Where oh where did my little blue trunks go?

Hope you are okay and have a good weekend.