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Monday, June 06, 2005

"So Does My Penis!"

First and foremost my apologies for not writing more last week. THANK YOU to Threebees for inquiring about my whereabouts. I've been swamped with no time to post and only a little time to read any blogs. I will spend some time catching up in the next day or two. I composed many a post in my head but, of course, you all cannot read those so I must take the time to type them out.

To catch up:

Friday afternoon was our first trip to the Fertility God’s office. We were impressed. It is a beautiful building with a comfortable and, at the time, empty waiting room. We did not wait very long before we were called back. A good sign or just an odd time for an appointment? I do not know.

We met with Fertility God #1 or as I think of him The Man! He took a detailed history, looked through my chart at my thyroid history and the notes from my laparoscopies. He looked at the results of T’s tests and said he wants to repeat the analysis at their lab since he trusts his people more than whoever happens to be on duty at the hospital when we drop off a sample at any given time.

We are changing from Clomid to Letrozol (Femara) and from Prochieve (progesterone gel) to Prometrium (oh, joy). I will go in on CD 13 or 14 of my next cycle for a U/S and will take them my filled Rx for Ovridel (a first for me). Oh, and he upped my Metformin from 1000mg per day to 1500mg.

We are not playing around anymore folks. We have been practicing at the College Level for the last 8 cycles. We have just been picked up by the Minors (Triple A) and will hang out here for about 3 cycles before moving onto the Major Leagues.

He said if the Letrozol did not do it in three cycles we would probably move on to IUI. He showed us a diagram of an IUI. I have explained the process to T before but I do not think he really “got it” until he saw that diagram. He seems to be on board with it.

T says he has a good feeling about this. His good (and bad) feelings usually work out. As optimistic as he is right now, I wish I could say that I feel it too. I do not. I have already looked through my calendar to confirm we will be starting IUIs in September. Until then it will be… wait… are you ready for it? Here it comes… more of the same... only this time, with different drugs, more monitoring and a trigger. That is enough of a change in my book to keep me satisfied for now.

In other news, I will be changing pharmacies this week. I am moving from Walgreen’s to CVS. Why you ask? Because CVS has confirmed that their pharmacists will dispense birth control to their patients without delay no matter when or where they try to fill their prescriptions. Walgreen’s is backing their pharmacists who feel that dispensing birth control (both “normal” and emergency contraceptives) is akin to abortion and so refuse to fill a doctor’s Rx on moral grounds. Ridiculous. It will be a bit of a pain to move my prescriptions over but it is worth it. I will be writing letters to both pharmacies explaining the reasoning behind the switch. It is not enough to have an opinion on these matters, we must take action, and be loud about it!!! *Imagine fist slamming on pulpit*

Ahem, not to leave this post on an angry note:

We discussed all this over the weekend while painting in the guestroom. We had a thunderstorm and the dog freaked out and hid under the bed, wanting to be close to us but in a safe place too. T laughed at her and I said, “Well, dogs like to be in small dark places.” To which he replied…(see title). He does keep me laughing.


B said...

OMG - T is a hoot! Woohoo for moving forward! Very jealous here. I'm wondering which God you got. I think my (former) God was a major Hottie (is that bad??). I hope the new meds do the trick and T's optimism pans out!

ThreeBees said...

So glad the appointment with the Fertility Gods went well! Hoping that T's "good feelings" pay off.