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Monday, June 13, 2005

Yes or No? Uh Huh!

So Friday night T and I were sitting there in the cool basement, him drinking a cold beer and it occurred to me that this would be the perfect time to enjoy an ice cold beer along with him. 
But wait Blue, you say, Friday you were CD33 and were waiting until Saturday to test.  How could you enjoy a beer thinking that you might be pregnant?
Aha! Test early says I.  I happened to have a FRED upstairs waiting for me.  So, I set about my business.  The results were...ambiguously negative.
The control line showed up right away, very dark pink, unmistakable.  I kinda saw where the test line should have been.  It was incredibly light and stayed light but I wasn't sure if I was actually seeing things or if it was only wishful thinking. 
BUT (you knew there would be a but didn't you?), before you get all excited and start screaming "a light line is a line none the less!" let me explain that the light line appeared only at the bottom of the test window.  The top was clear.  I think Frank is now messing with my FREDs. 
Damn it Frank!  Knock it off! This is important!
I had HALF of an incredibly-light-probably-not-even-there line.
I decided to call it a negative and took myself to the store for a wee bit o' alcohol.
Saturday lead to a trip to the gym, cleaning the house, a trip to the local theater to enjoy Star Wars (HOLY SHIT WAS THAT GOOD!!!!) and then more alcohol.  We ate a gorgeous dinner of grilled kielbasa, and a basket of grilled potatoes, zucchini, asparagus and mushrooms which we then topped with melted pepper jack cheese.  Can you say MELTS IN THE MOUTH?!?!?!  Who says dieters have to eat bland food.  YUM!
Sunday we went to the gym, ate a lovely lunch of grilled pork steak, corn on the cob and fruit salad.  I decided I'd give the top half of that window one more chance and grabbed another FRED.  Not so much as half a light line.  Hope, she is no more.
Today is CD36 with nary a twinge or spot to show for my efforts.  I've stopped the progesterone and will expect AF to show her ugly head by next week.  If nothing, then I will call for a Beta to triple check. 


B said...

Aww, Blue - I was starting to get hopeful for you. I'm sorry. Damn Frank messing with the FRED's giving you half a pink line.

ThreeBees said...

Damn Blue! I was getting all hopeful too. . .

Damn that Frank! He's gone too far this time! ;)

Thinking of you and glad you had a nice weekend regardless. :)

oliviadrab said...

I make up a cuss word in your honor.


Jen P said...

I'm sorry Blue. Damnit Frank, your light thing was spooky. It was almost charming. But you're messing with an infertile's pee sticks, man. Now THAT is crossing some sort of line.

Ghost or not, dude. You CAN'T do THAT.

I'm glad you got to eat such nice food though. I'm starving after reading that post!!

Internal Spring said...

I think betas are the only true checks, every thing else is ambiguous.

I'm glad you had some cold beers and other spirits to wash away the lost hopes (though mine aren't lost for you).