March for Babies

Thursday, June 30, 2005

This is my support system, I LOVE them!

Things T said in reference to IUI:

I'm jealous of the catheter!

Can I just come in a cup, put it in a straw and blow it up in there?

Don't pee!  There won't be anymore little T's in there when you're done!

How do we really know that's my sperm?  This kid better look like me within the first year or we're going to have a problem!

Do we have to have sex? (Because of our sun burns) Can I just come in my hand and throw it at you? (OK, taken out of the context of the conversation this one sounds more gross than funny but trust me, at the time it was hilarious.)

Email from best friend, living in Alaska, regarding IUI:


First you are the bravest woman I know.

Second, you are the most amazing woman I know.

Third, I hope that soon, you too will be getting up every three hours to feed/play/make stop crying a small one of your own.

and Fourth -  I can't wait to see you!!!! 

you are amazing and always leave me in awe,



Sandy said...

awww....these brought a little tear to my eye. Thanks for sharing them! What an awesome friend.

PJ said...

Those IUI comments your husband made are hilarious. They really brought a smile to my face.

Lala said...

funny stuff. how're you doing?

b said...

You doin' ok? Haven't heard from you in a while.