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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Maggie = Good Pet/Bad Guard Dog

A heinous crime was committed this morning!!!!  I can barely bring myself to talk about it.  I shall describe the events leading up to the incident as best I can.
In chronological order:
  1. Woke up this morning as usual, T turned off the air conditioner on his way downstairs and I turned off the two fans on my way down. (White noise anyone?)
  2. T turned on the morning news while I took Maggie out back.
  3. On our way up front for our morning sniff of the street I noticed Maggie walking through something on the driveway.
  4. I stopped and looked at it and finally made that squinched up "huh?" face.
  5. This is when my gaze drifted slowly up the front passenger side door of my car and thought...
  6. "Oh, that is what is on the ground, it is my shattered window."
  7. I looked in the window below the hanging part that only remained in place due to the window tinting at the top which held all the broken glass together.
  8. I saw a large gray object on the seat. 
  9. I could not figure out what it was.
  10. It looked like an inside-out piece of leather, with the gray felt backing they put on it sometimes.
  11. I reached in and touched it with one finger.
  12. A rock...the size of two soft balls if they were stuck together side by side.
  13. "My iPod!!!!!" my brain screamed. (Heads up Beth)
  14. It was gone.
  15. I had left it in the charger overnight. (Dumb, Dumb, Dumb!) (Pardon me a moment while I kick my own ass.)
  16. I went into the house and called to T that he should go get the camera from work.
  17. He had taken it in to share his pictures from NASCAR.
  18. Then I wondered about my cell phone.  I had left that in the car last night too. 
  19. I could end up like Paris Hilton with my personal phone contacts posted online for all the world to see.
  20. I went back outside to check.
  21. The car doors were still all locked.
  22. The alarm was still set. 
  23. Read that again.
  24. The alarm was still set.
  25. The lights on the front of the garage which were on last night (for security) were not on this morning.
  26. The light switch was still turned on.
  27. We did not touch anything knowing we would have to call the police.
  28. I did find my phone still in the car.
  29. They took the earphones for the iPod and the case I used to clip it to my waist at the gym last night.
  30. Damn!
  31. T went to get the camera.
  32. We took lots of pictures.
  33. The cop showed up, looked at the damage, made out a report.
  34. They will not fingerprint the outside of the car since anyone at anytime could touch it (on the street, in parking lots, etc.)
  35. She took the serial number of the iPod so if someone were to try to sell it to a pawn shop we might get it back...odds = slim to none.
  36. T checked the light bulbs and they had been unscrewed to the point where they did not make contact anymore.
  37. We swept the glass off of the driver's seat and then headed to the quarter car wash to vacuum the rest of the glass out of the interior.
  38. It took a lot of quarters and we still did not get it all. 
  39. Glass is everywhere!!!!  Did I mention...EVERYWHERE!
  40. While at the car wash T was vacuuming and I was moving things out of the way that I did not want vacuumed up, like my cell phone, gas receipts and the VIP parking pass from the Bon Jovi concert I went to in 1998.
  41. T noticed two HUGE very DISTINCT hand prints on the car...outside, where the police would not take prints.  We are talking full hand prints, I could read the guy's fortune if I was so inclined.
  42. That was when things got ugly.
  43. I noticed a guy drive in and pull up next to the dumpster out behind the car wash.  He got out and started dumping BOX after BOX of BOOKS into the dumpster!!!!!!!!!!!
  44. He was THROWING AWAY what looked like HUNDREDS of books.
  45. Can you believe it?
  46. I know, I can't either. It was awful.
  47. Besides, it wasn't even his dumpster!
  48. But, THE BOOKS!!!!!
  49. People, you NEVER throw away a book!
  50. I can't believe what this world is coming to.


B said...

Holy crap!! So sorry Blue! But wait, I'm confused. You said you noticed the suspect drive in and dump books...the suspect in the iPod stealing? Huh? Maybe it is too early for me. Anyway - it all sucks. Really bad. I can't believe they unscrewed the light bulbs too. What ass-munchers!

amanda said...

Oh, that totally sucks. I'm so sorry.

PJ said...

Oh Blue, that totally sucks. Sorry about your iPod.

I can't believe that guy threw away all those books. He could've given them to a library or salvation army or an under-priviledged school. Oh people today are just so awful.

Cricket said...

You're lucky you got a cop in person. In my county, they only will do it over the phone. The 'no fingerprints' thing made my head explode, too.

So sorry for the aggravation. For ours, the people who replaced the glass did all the cleaning, so I didn't have to mess with broken glass.

When it happened, the car was parked just outside my bedroom, couldn't have been 20 feet, and I didn't hear it either. Nor did my watch cat, or so she said.

VHMPrincess said...

That sucks... sorry you lost your ipod, though I would check ebay just in case it shows up there, though likely the person is just using it for themselves.

ThreeBees said...

I'm so sorry you woke up to that! A stolen iPod. . . I feel for you girl -- I'd lose my mind if that happened to me. . .

And I agree with you -- who throws away books??? The world HAS gone to hell in a hand basket!

Thinking of you and hoping they do catch the criminal -- slim though the chance may be.

oliviadrab said...

Good lord. That's two heinous crimes in one day. Fucking hell. I'm sorry about your burglarly/theft. THat sucks a bucketload (been there, it makes you feel dirty and angry at the same time.) I hope the fucker DOES try to sell it and gets busted. Something to give justice back to the world.

Internal Spring said...

Blue, I'm so sorry, for the loss not only of the iPod but for your sense of security and belief in the police department.

It's times like this that I wish I was rich and could send you a new iPod.

As an attorney I can totally understand why they didn't take finger prints on the outside of the car, it just wouldn't hold up in court.

Book dumping - there ought to be a law against that.

Jen P said...

Oh Blue, I'm sorry about the crime!! It sucks majorly that someone could be such an ass. To unscrew the lightbulb and steal an ipod?? Have they nothing better to do?!


Wishing you lots of good things to come.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about your iPod. I'm also sorry that they didn't take your phone, so you could at least have the satisfaction of calling them and telling them what assholes they are.

Happy IUI'ing by the way (I know I'm behind in reading...we have the inlaws tucked away at the moment)