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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Aunt Blue

Nephew born Monday night.
Niece arriving from Guatemala tonight.
Cramps and spotting started 5pm yesterday afternoon.
Many martinis were consumed last night.
Many tears were cried last night.
Tonight I will hold myself together and be Aunt Blue.


B said...

Blue, my heart aches for you. I'm so sorry.

PJ said...

Oh Blue, I'm so sorry. I know there was some hope with this cycle, damn that Hope!

Be strong and be the aunt, you can come home and cry later.

Take care of yourself.

VHMPrincess said...

The timing is always against us...Hope you made it thru ok and that your hubby was there to hold you at home.

Caroline said...

From one Aunt to another - sorry Blue that's just such a hard thing to emotionally deal with. I used to think that crying always made me feel better afterwards - tears of infertility are just the constant reminder of the unfairness of it all. Hope you didn't get a crying hangover.

ThreeBees said...

Many many many hugs for you auntie Blue. . . I'm so sorry sweetie. . . Thinking of you.

oliviadrab said...

A million trillion "sorry"s just don't seem adequate. I hope the same as vhmprincess.

Claudia said...

Darn it all to heck. I was hoping for you. Sigh...

It's tiring, isn't it?

Jen P said...

Oh Blue, I'm just so sorry. Just so, so sorry. I wish there was something I could do, or say.

You're an amazing auntie.

Best wishes to you.