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Monday, June 27, 2005

Hot Hot Hot, Tsssssss

I think we packed just about everything into a weekend we possibly could.  Friday, "the hottest day in 2 years", 'round these parts (according to the local weather people) T and his buddies worked all day then headed over to our house to strip and re-roof the garage.  T's idea was to strip part of it on Thursday, part on Friday then spend Saturday and Sunday putting the new roof on.  His boss, being a cowboy, decided it could be done in one day.  Not just a day, but that night after work!  There were four of them, T, his boss, the boss's son and his friend.  It turns out that the friend is a roofer, for his uncle.  He had all the right tools including the special shovel to strip the shingles and the nail gun which we hooked up to T's handy dandy air compressor which I gave him for his birthday last year specifically so that he would have it for this job.  These guys were flyin'!  I ran to Home Depot to get one more roll of felt paper and then set about making dinner.  We grilled chicken, pork steaks and corn and I made a salad.  They spent the rest of the evening thanking ME for the dinner.  I could not believe it but they actually finished the roof!  It took about 7 hours from start to finish including dinner and short breaks for water, etc.  T and I are both in shock at how these guys came over in that heat and worked that hard for us.  It looks fabulous, better than the house now.
Saturday we went to the gym and then set about cleaning up the yard.  There were two layers of shingles, nails and staples all around the perimeter of the garage.  We had to be very careful in picking up the nails and staples to make sure Maggie would not step on them.  That was HOT work bending over, pealing the shingles apart which the sun had stuck back together in the piles, then dragging them over to the dumpster in the driveway.  We took many short breaks and drank lots of water.
Sunday we decided we deserved a bit of rest so we headed off to the beach.  We looked all over for the sun block which T had taken to NASCAR but couldn't find it.  We figured we would buy some down there.  We bought a parking pass which is good for the entire season at any of the state parks and hit the beach.  We brought a cooler with cold water and pop and left our picnic lunch in the car.  We ventured out into the water which was reported to be 62-degrees.  It was COLD!!!!  We waded out to the sand bar and I couldn't feel my feet and my knees were starting to hurt.  T was ready to turn back but he was the one who pushed getting in the lake in the first place so we were going to stay at least a couple minutes.  I turned my back to the lake and just fell back.  Brrrrr!  Of course, since I had done it, now T felt like he had to do it too.  Oh My Gosh was it cold.  Seriously, I joked about entire systems in my body shutting down but I would not have felt them even if this was happening.  We went back up to lay on our towels.  The sand which had felt scorching on the way down to the water now felt soothing.  Ahhhh.
About 12:40pm we decided to go back to the car and eat our lunch.  We had parked right next to the picnic tables in the shade of a tree so we had a nice time in the breeze watching people going by.  On our way home we stopped by The Front Porch for ice cream cones.  I had Heath Candy Crunch and T had Black Cherry. YUM!
We got back to town in time to take the dog out and settle ourselves down to watch the NASCAR race in Sonoma, CA.  We noticed during the race that we were both turning a rather alarming shade of magenta/lobster red.  My friends, we are both sun burned.  Only first degree, no blisters...yet.  I'm sure they would have appeared by now if they were going to.  T's front and back and the backs of his knees are pretty bad and my upper arms, shoulders and across the top of my back, oh yeah, and the fronts and backs of my legs from hip to toe.  My face is fine which I attribute to the fact that my daily moisturizer has SPF15 in it.  Thank goodness for Oil of Olay!
The bad part is today, and the next two days, T has to be in that HOT plant wearing polyester uniforms which do not breathe (thank you fire retardants) and he will be more miserable than normal.  Your question should be answered by now, no, we never stopped for the sun block at the beach.  I guess this is what happens when you go to the beach every 5 years or so.  They are not really bad burns in terms of degree, just in overall surface area. I do have a nice funny white stripe down my left thigh where I must have been in just the right position to shade that particular spot. *shaking my head*  I believe there will be lots of complaining coming from our house in the next few days as we heal and try to continue on with our plans in spite of the burns.
The funniest part was when we were trying to figure out just how in the hell we are going to have sex for our post-coital tomorrow.  Neither one of us wants to be touched anywhere.  I told him to pretend that I was the cup and only necessary at the very end.


ThreeBees said...

I imagine you'll probably both be saying "Ow. Ow. Ow." A LOT!

Glad the re-roofing went well and you both got a little R & R this weekend too.

PJ said...

Wow a whole roof in seven hours, they are work-horses.

Sunburn + Sex = owwwwwww. It sure is going to make for an interesting time tomorrow.