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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

6 Silly Things

I have been tagged! It has taken me a while to comprise a list but here goes...

1) When in the high school band we wanted to take a trip to a band competition in Florida. Being from Michigan you can realize what a big trip this was for us. As a fundraiser we put on a car wash in the school parking lot. The school is on a busy street so we had a lot more business than we originally anticipated and quickly ran out of paper towels. I was sent to the store across the street to buy more. I ran quickly, grabbed the largest package I saw, paid and ran back. It was only a few minutes later as I waved my sign at passing drivers that I realized my mistake. I had purchased a HUGE package of toilet paper, not paper towel. Oops. They were right next to each other on the same shelf. I looked at the package of paper towel and grabbed the package right next to it thinking it was the same thing. Um. Not so much.

2) In college I became obsessed with the movie When Harry Met Sally. I would pop it into my VCR and fall asleep to it every night. I am a huge Meg Ryan fan and think that she and Billy Crystal had such wonderful chemistry in that movie. I think I like the fact that you love these characters in spite of their flaws. I still watch it once in a while but not nearly as often as I used to.

3) I enjoy spontaneous movies and hair cuts. I will decide to see a movie some afternoon, go to the theater and buy a ticket for whatever is playing right then. I don't look up the movie to see what it is about or who is in it or anything, just go based on the time I arrive and what is showing. I have seen some good and some not so good movies this way. I highly recommend it.
I am the same way with hair cuts. I will just get it in my ass one day that I need a change and will stop by some $12.00 hair cut place, pick out a picture in a style book and tell whoever gets to be my stylist that day to make me look like the picture. I will admit this is also a hit or miss situation. The last time I got home and T looked up at me and said "What the hell happened to your head?"

4) I have this romantic dream of sleeping in late on a Sunday morning and then spending the rest of the afternoon laying in bed with T and the dog and reading the newspaper as we drink coffee and eat bagels while the sunlight flows into our bedroom through the long billowy white curtains.
First of all, the dog in not allowed on our bed. Secondly we do not have long billowy curtains in our room, or any room for that matter. We have 2" faux wood blinds on every window of the house, no other window treatments. Thirdly, T does not drink coffee and very rarely eats bagels. Fourthly, we do not get the newspaper and I cannot remember the last time I actually read one. Fifthly, the room I envision is large with high ceilings, tall windows and space to move around the bed. Our room is actually the attic which has been drywalled and carpeted to convert it into a bedroom. Not exactly the dream. *Sigh* I suppose that is why they call them dreams. I still find the image relaxing, I gues that is what counts.

5) I love 80s hairband music. No seriously. Sirius satellite radio has a station called "Hair Nation" and I LOVE it. Bands like Faster Pussycat and Junkyard who I haven't heard since high school are getting regular rotation on this channel. I must say that since there is a whole channel devoted to this music I cannot be the only one who loves it. Seriously, am I a freak? I belong to a niche, I just don't know anyone else in the niche. *Sigh* Motley Crue, Poison, Bon Jovi, Guns-n-Roses, Warrant, Skid Row...I could go on and on.

6) In sixth grade I was the only girl in my class who could make herself belch. The boys could do it, sure. The girls? Nope. One day we were walking single file down to the gym and I was at the back of the line (I hated being tall but that is a totally different story) and I let one rip. This belch was really something since we were right at the junction of two hallways so it reverberated up and down in four different directions! The substitute teacher (of course) made everyone go back to the classroom and we were going to sit there until the guilty party confessed. I had to take responsibility in front of the whole class. Ugh! That sucked. All those people who were egging me on to do it in the first place get away free and clear and I end up in trouble. *sigh again* I can still make myself belch but don't do it very often.

Geez, will I be a total dork if I don't tag anyone else? I think everyone has done it already, right? OK, how about this. If you are reading this and haven't done one on your blog already consider yourself tagged. Leave a comment to let us know you are doing it and we will hop on over to your place for your answers.

Seriously, the hair bands. Am I the only one?


Well-heeled mom said...

HAIR BANDS ROCK.FOREVER. My hubs and I are headed to Las Vegas for our anniversary on July 5. I called him yesterday with this news. "Do you know what sucks balls? Poison and Cinderella are at The Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas on July 4. JULY 4. That totally sucks balls." I love Hair Nation. Is there any other station on Sirius Radio??????

ThreeBees said...

Hair bands, my friend? No, you are not the only one. . . ;)

Libby said...

Delurking (and giggling that this is what gets me to comment) to tell you that I too have a secret affinity for Hair Bands. Not all of them, but several. I recently went to a dance performance called "Buttrock Suites" with kick-ass modern dance set to various hair band anthems. I was particularly enamored with the Scorpions medley. So you are definitely not alone.

I think of you and Azure often. I hope she is home in your arms before too long.

Jenna said...

You are NOT alone with the Hair bands....I now want Sirius radio so that I may indulge in this wonderful thing called Hair Nation.

Sarah said...

I am also delurking to answer you. I love hair bands, too. There was a CD out a few years ago called Monster Ballads, and at the time you could only buy it from the TV commercial. It had the BEST 80's ballads on it. I still LOVE that CD!