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Thursday, January 11, 2007


I have been grounded. Go directly home, do not pass go, do not collect $200 and for goodness sakes do not drive yourself!

I was right, I have Labyrinthitis. Resulting from the still present sinus infection (my first ever officially diagnosed sinus infection!) and all the pressure built up in my Eustachian tubes. I had my mom take me to the med center yesterday so that I could get the pills I had last time that made the world stop spinning so that I could drive myself to work today. Trouble is, the doctor said I am still contagious and I need to rest to get over this thing so he wrote me a doctor's note saying I should not go back until Monday. I actually have an honest to goodness doctor's note excusing me from work for the next two days! I feel like I am in elementary school or something! I would go to work if someone would drive me. See, the pills I wanted that make the world stop spinning so that I can drive are also a strong sedative so I am not supposed to drive while taking them. !!!!!!!!

My mother came this morning and took the baby for the day, she would have had her all day while I was at work anyway so no big strain there. I am now home, not supposed to drive and no baby or husband around. Just me and the dog. I have been wanting a day like this so that I can get some things done but I am supposed to be resting. T said he is requiring 75% rest, the other 25% can be chores done slowly throughout the day.

Time to nap. ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz


Cat, Galloping said...

oh good, i was so worried about you driving! feel better and enjoy this time to rest!

PJ said...

Sounds heavenly. Get better and enjoy, who knows when you'll have doctor-prescribed hookey days again.

Peggyp said...


I had that a few months ago and foolishly went to work with the world spining