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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

And They Lived Happily Ever After...

Well, maybe it isn't THAT good, but things are looking up. Amanda has been accepted into the Young-5s class at the school we were hoping for,  which means we can stay at our current daycare. This is a MONUMENTAL load off of my shoulders. The thought of moving her daycare and then having her start school within a couple of months is just too many big changes too close together for my girl to handle. I know she would get used to the new routine but the behavioral backlash during the transitions would not be pretty.


SO, good school and continued care from the people who already know and love her and will drive her to and from school means the world is a better place today. We'll be writing the new IEP in May and I believe the OT is now convinced she could use some classroom accommodations rather than an exit IEP. (Note that my word wasn't good enough, but a copy of the neurologist's report which said the same thing I said made an impression.)


We found out the EEG came back "normal" with no signs of epilepsy.  I have asked our pediatrician for a referral to the Pediatric Cerebral Palsy Therapy program at a local hospital. I have not heard back about this which I am taking to be good news. If she didn't agree with my asking for the referral (I called the referral desk, didn't speak to her directly about it) she would have called me to clarify what it is that I am looking for. The therapy program will encompass physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech with sensory integration inclusive in these other therapies. I am hoping the SPD therapy will provide a noticeable result in her behaviors and ADHD-C symptoms before school starts in the fall.


I have been attempting to find a fish oil supplement that she would be willing to take. She is not able to take pills at this point so a liquid is my best bet as she would need to have 4-8 gummies  at a time in order to get the recommended dose of fish oil. She is very picky about flavors and not great at brushing her teeth yet (another sensory issue at play) and the dentist recommended staying away from gummies as they tend to get stuck in and between teeth.  This leaves the option of a liquid which we can mix into a drink or yogurt as the strong flavor will probably not win us a straight shooter. I did find Barleans brand has a Peach Mango Smoothie flavor which sounds perfect ...except I can't get it in town. I've read that the fish oils need to be continuously refrigerated in order to NOT taste like fish. I can order it from Amazon but that means it will not be refrigerated during shipping (and to be honest, I don't know that they are refrigerated at the warehouse either). The local health store said they have been trying to get it for a couple of weeks and can't get it.  If only my daughter would tolerate lemon, orange or strawberry I would be perfectly set.  Since she exists in order to make my life more difficult, she will not touch any of these flavors. There is one more local place I can try and then I may need to just cross my fingers, order it online and hope for the best in covering up the taste.


Now that I have my brain half-way working again I have started jogging in an effort to train for my first 5K in a matter of three weeks. Not just my first race mind you, I have never run before with the exception of high school PE class. Not pretty. My legs are screaming at me and my lungs are launching major protests. But I declared I would do this for Make-A-Wish and I will follow through on that promise if it kills me...which it might. According to the Couch-to-5K program I should be able to run a full 2-1/4 miles at this point. I didn't get in 1/4 mile on Saturday before I gasped, "What the F*ck did I get myself into?" Then promptly stopped talking as it required too much oxygen.


Wish me luck!


Meredith's Wish Run - May 14, 2011



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