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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Pomp and Circumstance

Azure has moved up in the world!  Up until yesterday afternoon she was in the far back corner of the NICU where there was little light and little foot traffic.  We really liked our little niche.  However, last night we scrubbed up and headed towards the back corner and saw an empty bed!  Wha?  Azure had been moved up by the "big" girls (twice her size) near the nurse's desk where there is noise and light and it is now crowded with three babies and their families all smooshed together in a small area.  However, this is a good thing.  This means she is no longer so sick and small that she needs the back corner and it is available for any new babies that might actually need it.  Yay! 
She is back in an isolette to provide a bit of muffling for the noise and the isolette is covered to dim the bright lights a bit, but this is a big step up.  Our goal so far has been to get her to "Feeder and Grower" status and we are well on our way.  We believe her new neighbor will be going home sometime this week (YOU GO GIRL!) which will give us a bit more breathing room. 
Azure was a bit agitated on Sunday but produced quite the diaper around 6pm and has been back to her old self since.  Ahh.
Your good thoughts and positive vibes are working! Keep 'em comin'!


Miss W said...

I was always so nervous when my son "graduated" to someplace new in the NICU. I was happy, yet I always found myself missing the comfort of where we were. Most of the moms that I talked to felt that way, so know that if you are even a little bit? Completely normal.

Of course there's always the other part of you jumping up and down because it's one step closer to coming home!

Julie said...

Ha, I was glad that our nurses warned us about that, that one day we might walk in and not see Charlie in his usual spot, which was, like Azure's, the quietest, most isolated bay. "That's a good thing," they told us. "It doesn't mean he's been whisked off somewhere, it just means he's ready to come closer to the world."

Great news. Go, Azure!

Well-heeled mom said...

That is such great news.

Shannon said...

She is absolutely gorgeous :) I was worried when my daughter went from an isolette to a crib, etc..but it was always a good thing.

Congratulations on an awesome daughter.

lagiulia said...

That's fantastic!!!
I remember one day I walked in the NICU to find that our boys were not in the little side room they'd been in before, and the panic hit! But there they were in their own little corner of the bigger room.
I'm so glad that she continues to thrive!