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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Stand Aside Please, Boobs Coming Through!

Hey, if JJ can talk about her boobs, why can't I?
So yesterday morning I noticed that all through the night before I had felt pain in the area of my left nipple. Like, disturbed my sleep kind of pain. Then it came time to pump and HOLY GEEZ-US did that hurt!
It hurt all day. Last night during my 7pm pumping T looked across the livingroom at me and said it looked as though I had grown a third nipple! I have a lump on the left side of the left nipple in the areola part. It is about the size of a pea. It HURTS when I touch it and it merely hurts when I leave it alone.
I spoke to the nurse watching Azure last night and she suggested hot compresses and Tylenol overnight (probably a clogged milk duct) and said I should talk to the lactation consultant this morning. So, I did the heat thing, and I turned down the suction on the pump to the point where it would not suck, and I had to turn it up again to get any milk out. I took a full hour to pump this morning removing the pump every now and then and massaging the spot hoping to unstick whatever was stuck in there. I never took the Tylenol.
The lump is smaller but not gone. It still hurts.
The lactation consultant was consulted. Her first reaction was, “Your nipples are HUUUUUUUGE!” I told her that I had switched the bells/shields/cones of my pump from 24mm to 27mm because the 24mm that came with the pump were pinching. “Of course!” she said, “You should be using 30mm!”
Are you kidding me? 30mm nipples people! That is HUGE! These nips will never fit into my daughter’s mouth! My boobs are four times the size of her head, how is she supposed to eat from them?
Oh yeah, the other thing. I have a yeast infection on both nipples but the left one is worse. This is probably the cause of the bit of yeast infection in Azure’s diaper area a while back. If she has been drinking my milk then digesting the food and passing it into the diaper then it starts a rash on her butt.
How did this happen if she was being tube fed? Good question. It all came from “window shopping” which is our NICU code for letting her lick and mouth on the nipples during kangaroo care. I pump beforehand so she does not actually get more than a drop of milk at a time. Basically, she gave me the yeast infection. She is at greater risk for them since she is on the oxygen. Her mouth is swabbed with Nystatin twice a day to prevent such a thing but apparently I got it and passed it on to her butt. From her mouth to my boobs to her butt. WTF?
So, now I get to call the doctor and say that I am exclusively pumping but that I have a yeast infection and would she please call something in for me.
It is time to pump again…wish me luck.!


Well-heeled mom said...

My son is adopted, so I have never breast fed, and it has always been a source of envy for me. Until now, that is. Yikes! I feel so sorry for you.


ThreeBees said...

Sounds painful! OUCH!

Toni said...

Talk to your lactation consultant about Grapeseed Extract and aphodopholus (so spelled wrong - sorry!). Both helped me get through 6 weeks of issues. Also, Diflucan also helped. You should be boiling your pump stuff daily - AND washing your bras in HOT/Boiling water. That yeast is HORRIBLE and won't go away unless you REALLY kill it.

Sorry - I still cringe from the pain. Let me know if you need anything else - I've done just about everything for this bug!

Cat, Galloping said...

for yeast make sure you get 2 weeks of diflucan. you can use nystatin topically as well. always use a breast pad if you don't want to have to boil your bras per toni's suggestion.

also, you can get physical therapy for the blocked ducts. seriously. i had a hot pack followed by a heat ultrasound to help break up the blockage, followed by massage. "massage" does not quite describe what you really need to do to get it out, however:

first, start at the back of the breast and press until a drop of milk comes out. then work your way forward until no milk is coming out (probably at your lump but maybe farther back then that). press there like the dickens until you want to scream and cry and a drop comes out, then move forward again until you reach the nipple.

be on the lookout for mastitis which comes along with blocked ducts. sorry you're dealing with this. it's the last thing you need, i know.

JJ said...

What are we actually measuring here? Because I broke out the ruler, and I have your 30mm nipples beat by a long shot. That's it -- I'm joining the carnival.

Jen P said...

Oh Blue I hope it heals up soon!!

Yeast infections are just horrible.

I know Moxie has said something about Grapeseed Extract as well.

Hope you guys are doing well!