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Thursday, August 31, 2006


Absent Without Official Leave


AF is missing. Have you seen her? Not that I am all, "I want to cramp and bleed, please may I cramp and bleed?" No, not so much. On the other hand, I have been getting twinge/pains in the ovarian region(s) for about a week now and still no AF in sight. Actually, if I were one of those people who paid attention to mucus and such, I might think I was ovulating, which on CD 64 only makes sense if I completely skipped a cycle rather than find myself lost in the midst of one of those freakishly long ones. It is a bit disconcerting when you are expecting something at a certain time give or take a week and then here you find yourself month later and still nothing.  I have been stood up!


Points of Interest:

I am no longer on progesterone which I took to regulate my cycles.

I am no longer on Metformin for help in ovulation (which might also regulate the cycles).

My face has broken out.

I gained the requisite weight and bloat.

Nothing in the undies to show for it.


I would say I am getting all the crap without any of the benefits but really, what are the benefits? I suppose one might say that a benefit would be just getting it over with instead of this drawn out state of PMS I seem to be locked into. I highly doubt it is the fact that I am still pumping since I only pump 2-3 times per day. Not enough to throw off my cycles, especially since I have already had a couple normal-ish ones since Azure was born.


One family member just had major surgery to remove a 5"x 5" cyst, the ovary and tube on that side. The other ovary was cystic but the Dr. thought she could treat it. Another family member (15 years old) is going in for her first gyno exam because her period won’t stop. We believe there might be something wrong with the Elephant Uteri. Ya think?


I fear for Azure’s future. I don’t want her to have to deal with this crap.


daysgoby said...


My doctor said it can take up to a year after having a child for your body to re-set itself. I had a couple of long periods and some periods of no period at all after my son was born.

Scary, isn't it, to think they might have to face the same thigs we do?

Anonymous said...

My period didn't come back fully until I stopped breastfeeding completely, and I was only doing it once or twice a day at the end. It just takes a while.

ThreeBees said...

I guess I'd pee on a stick just in case. . .

I had a freind in high school who had the same problem - her period would not stop, she's just bleed and bleed for days on end. I know she went to the doctor but I don't know what came of it- she never really talked about it again. . . .

But that is a very scary thing for a 15 year-old to go through. Hope all is okay.

Sol said...

My periods have been crazy since the babes were born. It took up to a year for regular cycles to appear after Frankie but I stopped bf the twins a few months ago and still don´t have regular cycles... I am actually on CD34 and bloated beyond belief, ugh.

Erica said...

My periods didn't resume for seven months after I had my daughter, and I really think they only came back because I cut my pumping and breastfeeding down to a minimum. And cycles are back like clockwork. Fertility Friend even says I'm ovulating. :) So just give it time, Blue.

Glad the birthday party was fun!