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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Positives and Negatives

One year ago today I saw my first pair of lines.  I never thought that I would see them and then I did.
I never thought that I would have an uncomplicated pregnancy and I didn't.
My life has changed so much in the last year.
We went through some really bad and have come out on the good side.  Things are getting better as time goes by.
However, I am self-medicating with food.  I am eating things I know I should not eat.  I ask myself what it is that I am trying not to feel when I eat these things and I tell myself it is not polite to talk with one's mouth full and continue chewing.  There are some things to work out in my head (and off of my expanding butt) but knowing this and accepting this is half the battle I think. 
My daughter is incredible and everyone in my house smiles at least once a day which is a far cry better than a year ago while we were in the midst of treatments. 
I am looking forward to New Year's Day 2007.  I think I have had enough of 2006.  I feel the need for a fresh start for my family and for myself. 

**Edited to add**
Ok, I still stand by what I wrote earlier, but life can't be all bad when your boss brings you a beer to enjoy at your desk the last hour of the workday and you agree that the best new flavored vodka they should come out with should be chocolate chip cookie dough.


Suz said...

This year has been a tumulous, if happy one for us too. I'm going to be glad to see the new year.

Ollie said...

THAT. IS. BRILLIANT. Cookie Dough Vodka? I'm already in love.

And it was a rough year. I am glad it turned out so well. May your 2007 be nothing but majesty.