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Thursday, October 12, 2006

I'm Dreaming of a whiiiiite Halloween!

Maybe it is the fact that it is only mid-October. Maybe it is the fact that I am still nursing the second degree sunburn on my face from last weekend. (Ouch!) Maybe it is the fact that I spent all summer shut up in the house making it feel as if I skipped the season all together.
Whatever the reason, this just feels so fucking wrong!

October Snow


Anonymous said...

Sing it, sister! It's awful!

EJW said...

This morning I took a photo of our snow-dusted car and emailed a friend with the subject "Summer just ended, how can this be?!?!"

It seems so early, but maybe it'll be a mild one?

Miss W said...

It hit here, too. Highways closed, white-out conditions, schools closed. And where I live (20 minutes from that) it only stuck in the corners of the roofs. Gotta love the lake effects (or, you know, move).

Denise Ward said...

We had that too--plus they had the audacity to use the "f" word on the radio--yes, they said "flurries"! It's gone now, but I know it will be back, that's the real downer.