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Friday, October 06, 2006

Not Just For Candles Anymore

Wax. That of the ear variety.  It is sticky, gross and difficult to dislodge.  I suffered from it as a child.  Actually, I did not suffer from the wax itself, but rather from the wax removal process.  They basically used a pressure washer to shoot water into my ear canal at something like 10,000psi.  How I came out without brain damage I do not know.  It was excrutiatingly painful.  I will rate it as pain worse than child birth.  It was that bad.  So please believe I understand the topic at hand.
Azure has earwax.  She also has the most miniscule ear canals ever.  They are too small for the dental tool hook device that the ped uses to dig said wax out of the ears of unsuspecting little ones.  So, we needed an alternative means of dewaxing.
A drop of mineral oil into each ear every night (or every other night) to loosen the wax and keep it soft.  Flush softly with warm water using a bulb syringe.  Keep ears clean with a Q-tip but do not shove the damn thing in too far or you might see it come out the other side and damage the ear drum while you are at it.  Baby Oil is basically mineral oil that smells pretty so this is good to use.  I use olive oil in my own ears and that works too.
I have found that Azure does not like the drops (they probably tickle) and has come to recognize the dropper.  When she sees it coming she will fling herself in the opposite direction therefore hiding the ear I was aiming at.  Oh the flailing!  I keep telling her the pressure washer is worse but she won't believe me.  I have to distract her with one hand and sneak up on her with the oil dropper with the other.  It is fun quality time.
Good Luck!
Anyone else have dewaxing tips or stories to share?


Cat, Galloping said...

i just stick my pinky it and dig out what i can. is that bad?

chris said...

No dewaxing stories, but in our house we call it "cheeto ears." It's amazing how disgusting their little ears can get.

lisa said...

Bless her little heart. I suffer from this too, and at 44 years of age my ear canals remain small enough that EVERY ear dr I've ever been to comments on them and they still have to use the infant tools on me.

I will say be very careful. My small canals contribute to my getting a TON of ear infections as a child. The slightest little bit of swelling and they close right up being so small to begin with. For myself I couldn't even get a q-tip into my ear canal if I wanted to. I have devised my own version of the pressure washer--using a waterpik on the lowest setting and a solution of warm water and peroxide. Doing this every few months gets all the gook out and since beginning this routine I've been infection free for the first time in my life. The peroxide is important because it kills germs and also dries up any water that might remain. This is very important because I get ear infections from pool water, or even the slightest bit of water that gets in my ears from the shower can bring one on.

Please forgive the comparison but trying to get drops in Azure's ears sounds as much fun as trying to give a pill to a cat. I suggest you enlist T to help. Wrap her in a sheet and have one hold her while the other pops the drops in. I'd also suggest warming the oil slightly so it's not some cold yucky thing going into her ear.

Good luck to you and you have to keep doing this as much as she hates it. I have an 80% hearing loss in one ear due to damage from infections as a child. I know it's hard on her, and harder on you, but you have to keep it up to prevent damage and hearing loss.

Miss W said...

I totally do the pinky dig. I'm just terrified to do anything more.