March for Babies

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

We Have Fun At Home

Scene: Blue and Azure watch a Harley Davidson commercial in which Guns-n-Roses’ “Paradise City” plays while all the black sheep separate themselves from the white sheep and congregate together because they know they don’t “fit in” anywhere else but they will accept each other.
Blue: This is Guns-n-Roses!
Azure: (Wide eyed stare at the TV, drool cascading down face.)
Blue: If you become the black sheep of THIS family, you’ve got issues!
T: (Laughs hysterically from the next room.)

Scene: T lifts Azure up in the air and she drools into his goatee.
T: Blehck! Ugh! Ewww! You can go back to Mommy now!
Blue: So you will kiss the dog who licks her own ass but a little baby drool is gross for you?
T: Yup.
Blue to Azure: Did you hear that sweetie? If you can learn to lick your own ass Daddy will kiss you.

Scene: Family sitting on couch together after dinner.
Blue: OHMYGOD! Azure has a big bleeding gash on her head!
T: (blinks and stares not saying anything)
Blue: Oh, wait, it is just cherry ice cream.
Blue: Is it wrong if I lick ice cream off the baby’s head?


Reese said...

Blue: Is it wrong if I lick ice cream off the baby’s head?

BWAHAHAHAAA!!! And, no, it is not. (Something about Pumpkin getting into my stash of Lindt chocolate...) :-)

Suz said...

Oh - this so reminds me of my own husband who acts like baby drool is some sort of radioactive substance.

ThreeBees said...

No, it is not wrong at all sweetie . . . :)

Susan P. said...

Thanks for reading about BP. I check on Azure every day.She's pretty amazing.
Take Care!!