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Monday, November 27, 2006

Back to Work

We had a quiet and lovely Thanksgiving.  It turned out to be just us at our house.  T's mother was supposed to join us but came down with a sinus infection and didn't want to get Azure sick.  Have I mentioned how considerate people are about that?  I have had more people offer to reschedule things when they or their children are/have been sick.  I am amazed at the thought others put into our meetings and it just makes me so happy that they are thinking of her that way.  (Thanks Beth!!!)
Saturday we enjoyed a nice anniversary but waited until last night to toast our 6 years of marriage with champagne.  Things turned sour after that.
Let's just say that between T, Azure and Maggie-The-Dog, I am the only one who has not puked in my house in the past three days.  Maggie gets sick when she doesn't eat and gets too much bile built up in her stomach.  Azure is still dealing with reflux and, well, she is a baby.  They spit up!  T on the other hand has been praying to the Porcelain God every hour or so since last evening.  We are not sure whether it is food poisoning or a virus of some sort.   I am leaning towards a virus since our receptionist at work said she had the same thing on Thursday. 
I am washing my hands constantly!
I had some simple bloodwork done with my annual visit to the GYN.  My Alkaline Phosphotase came back high.  I have to be tested again.  If you just said, "What the Hell is that?" then you know my exact response when I got the call.  It is a liver function screen they do.  There is no way to study for this test and no way to make it go down.  I just have to repeat it and see if it is still high.  I am currently off all drugs except for my Thyroid supplement and haven't even been drinking alcohol since I have been trying to lose weight.  I am not sure what could be stressing my liver out but it seems like an odd time for it.  I guess we'll see what the repeat test shows.
Hoping to keep my head out of the toilet in the next few days and I might actually get a chance to post again.  Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...


I'm sorry T has been sick. I hope you don't get it! Nothing worse than praying to the porcelain Gods.

Alex said...

I'm sorry your household has been sick. Hope you manage to resist.

I had the same liver thing and in consulting Dr. Google learned that this can be one symptom of celiac disease -- allergic reaction to gluten, a substance found in wheat, barley, and rye. I immediately cut wheat out because I had noticed awhile before that that when I eat wheat, my right hip hurts. I think this is sciatica, and nerve damage is another celiac effect.

Shortly afterward (2 weeks) I had bloodwork for celiac and also had the liver b/w redone. If you are going to be tested for celiac, you shouldn't go off wheat first, but I probably wasn't off long enough for it to make a difference. My celiac tests came back negative (and the liver stuff had normalized). I decided to stay off wheat anyway as I feel better without it (no hip pain). I am not as careful as a diagnosed celiac would be, but pretty careful.

Celiac is more common in people with Hashimoto's. Might be worth exploring. Sorry if that's assvice. Feel free to email for more info...

ThreeBees said...

Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving minus the puking. . . hope T feels better soon and you don't get to experience what he is going through.