March for Babies

Sunday, November 05, 2006


When you actually take an afternoon to yourself and go visit your friend who lives about an hour away, do not drink even a small cup of coffee to keep yourself awake for the drive home since you will find yourself sitting at the computer at midnight typing lame blog entries such as this while listening to your husband and daughter slumbering upstairs on the baby monitor.


Suz said...

Not sleeping when you could be sleeping is hard! I'm sorry - the same thing happened to me a few weeks ago.

lala said...

you got an afternoon to yourself! wow, I'm envious!

Heels said...

I hope you make up for the lack of sleep!

Now, in no particular order:

1. You might have pinkeye.

2. I once walked outside in the morning to find my car door wide open and my keys still in the ignition, where I'd left everything the night before. I = scattered.

3. I weigh more right now than I did a month after my son was born. He's 20 mos old. I lost all the weight immediately, but I have been lazy since then. I ran yesterday morning and again today.

4. I hope Miss Blue has successful, easy, non-scare-the-daylights-out-of-you-while-its-going-on surgery in five months.

5. Both of my kids wore the same Halloween costume as infants, so it was a semi-cherished wee green peapod outfit. One of my dogs ate it two days after Halloween this year.

6. I'm really glad y'all are doing so well.