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Friday, November 11, 2005

Regular OB Appointment #1

Yesterday afternoon we had our first "normal" OB appointment as opposed to those with the Fertility God.  Basically we just answered a whole bunch of family health history questions, she did a brief exam and said to come back in a month. 
My first question is, why did they weigh me and THEN ask for the urine sample.  Hello people, the appointment was in the afternoon so you know the weight was not accurate anyway since I had been eating and drinking all day.  Plus, Hello Again, pregnant woman, need to pee ALL THE TIME.  Couldn't we do this in a different order?  ALSO, they made no notes that I could tell that the weight might have been slightly skewed by we...OK...I have been experiencing lately as a result of the extra progesterone I am consuming.
She did recommend backing off the bananas, eating more apples (I have at least one a day anyway) and pears and salads.  This lead T to spontaneously go to the store last night to buy produce. Must have FIBER!!! I also will add oatmeal into my daily diet and not simply rely on my Total (whole grain) cereal at breakfast, stool softeners, fiber supplements, apple and don't forget the required amount of candy to set off the side effects of the Metformin I am taking which all together might help me eliminate some of that extra weight every two days or so.  Sheesh!  I can't wait to get rid of this extra progesterone.
We tried to hear the heartbeat on a doppler device but since I can't ever just be NORMAL my uterus is tipped backwards (always has been) so the baby is farther away from the surface of my skin than normal.  The dopplar couldn't pick up the sound of the fetal heartbeat, it kept getting my own instead.  T squeezed my hand and said, "SHHHH!" but there wasn't much I could do about the volume of my own heart so we will have to wait until our next appointment to hear it.  She said if we were really worried about it we could come back in a couple weeks to try again.  My reaction was, "Yes! OK! Let's do that!"  T thinks I am too pessimistic and we should wait until December 8, our next scheduled appointment.  *sigh*
Oddly enough, the weirdest part of the whole thing was having to sign the consent form for HIV testing.  I have never been tested since I have never been in a high risk group or participated in any high risk activities, but, might as well if the insurance will pick up the tab right?  However, you know how you can faithfully 100% know the answer to something until someone asks you the question and then you start questioning yourself?  (It is just like in college when I was doing six months of Lupron shots to ward off the Evil Endo and I had to assure them each time that I wasn't pregnant by having an in office test.  Each time, though I knew I wasn't pregnant I sat there foot tapping biting my nails praying and hoping for a negative. My how things can change in 10 years.)  Nothing like adding a little anxiety into the mix, oh wait, I'm anxious anyway...
I am taking today off of work (because I can!!!) and plan on cleaning up the office at home, filing the stuff I have piled on the floor up until now.  This afternoon I will take the Firebird in for new tires and get my blood drawn since the OB doesn't have a lab in the office.  Tomorrow we are off to Chicago for the weekend, then Monday I have another day off.  *HUGE SMILE*
To sum up:
(To paraphrase Han Solo on the intercom to the Storm Trooper security center after blasting into the prison cell block where the Princess was being held.)
We're all fine here...uh, thank you.  How are you?


Ollie said...

I hope you hear the heartbeat next time. How frustrating. I am glad they offered it!

Jen P said...

So glad to hear things are going well!

I was lucky in that I always got to go pee first. Phew. Otherwise I'm sure I'd have died having to wait!!

Depending on the placement of the placenta it could have muffled the sound of the heartbeat as well. I'm sure you'll hear it soon and it's a beautiful sound. One of the best in the whole world.

Lots of warm wishes to you both.

thalia said...

H and I had to have hepatatis and HIV done before we did IVF - UK regulations - and both just asssumed we'd be negative. The nurse gave H a real talking to, saying you know you should never take a test if you're not prepared for the answer! We were both negative, of course!

Glad things are going sort of ok. I've found water to be the key, despite the fact that I was already drinking about 2 litres a day, upping it has helped with the constipation. Of course I'm not pregnant, either, just on the progesterone, so this might not apply to you.

ThreeBees said...

So glad things are going well and you are taking some time off. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!
Thinking of you often!