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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Are you tired of hearing about the poop yet?

If you say "Yes" and I find out you read Dooce, then I shall personally call you out as a hypocrite!  Not that it would mean much, but still, your integrity is at stake. Don't take chances with your integrity.
So you have heard me complain before about the poop, or rather, lack thereof.  I firmly believe the progesterone is to blame.  I have always had low progesterone so have been on supplements for years, even before TTC, just so that I would have regular cycles. Still, I have never had trouble like this before.  The Prometrium has not been friendly in the elimination area (even before my BFP the Prometrium was backing me up). 
T saw me mixing my orange juice the other day with a spoon and, realizing that I was not fixin' an ice cold screwdriver, asked what was up.  Metamucil, my new friend.  Since THREE stool softeners and 1500mg of Metformin were not helping AT ALL I decided to call in reinforcements.  "Time to poop?" he asked.  "I would like it to be," was my reply.  His eyes bulged thinking that I had not yet moved at all since complaining the weekend before.  I had gone some, but, only a little and there was more where that came from which was not so convinced that life was better on the outside. 
My belly has been bloated, my pants don't fit and I have gained 8 pounds in these first 9 weeks.  People, If this continues I think I shall birth a 6-pound baby and a 40-pound shit!  This cannot continue.  But, what to do?  I must continue the Prometrium for another two weeks.  I asked about a different progesterone supp. which I have used in the past without this problem.  Nope, must be the Prometrium. *sigh*
But then, Ahhh, sweet relief.  For some reason in the last three days I have moved a load off of my mind...and out my ass. (Sorry, I may have crossed a TMI line just then.)  "What," I was thinking, head in hand, elbows on knees staring at the floor in the ladies room "has changed to make this happen?"  I am still on 1500mg Met, 3 stool softeners a day, no Metamucil yet this week, still on the Prometrium.  What gives? 
Then it hit me.  Halloween candy!  The SUGAR in the Halloween candy I have been eating in not-so-slight moderation.  I have always heard women on Met say to stick to a low-carb low-sugar diet to avoid the nasty side effects.  I never had those since I was pretty much on a low-carb low-sugar diet to begin with.  I think the Met+Sugar effect just finally caught up with me.
So, my new regimen will be 1500mg Met, 3 stool softeners and a Twix or two...or three. :0)  This should be just enough to keep things moving in the right direction. 
So the new question is, Gestational Diabetes vs. Not Pooping.  Lessor of two evils?

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Mark said...

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