March for Babies

Monday, October 31, 2005

So What Do You Do...?

... when you are only 8 weeks 6 days along and you aren't going to tell your boss you are pregnant for another 3 weeks but then he tells you that he bought you tickets to the Bon Jovi concert as a bonus/thank you for all of your hard work and you have to somehow tell him that you can't go without making a big deal about it and hopefully not spilling the beans.
It makes it doubly hard when you want to badly to go but your doctor has said concerts are a "no, no" and your boss even offered to watch your dog for the night while you are away.
I am being tested.  Not sure what for yet, but this has to be a test of some sort. 
Do you hear this Light Blue?  Do you see how strong your mother is?  My heart is actually racing! 


Em said...

Bon Jovi....that is very temtping. Saw them in Melbourne in 1993.

April said...

Wow. That's a difficult one - and what a cool boss.

Lala said...

better tell, I guess.I know you want to wait until you're safely out of the first but you don't want to hurt the guys feelings, right?

Cynthia said...

Um ... maybe you could go and not sit in a seat, but stand around near the concessions stands/ bathrooms/ foyer so you could hear the music, but wouldn't be in danger from the loud music and smoke and people bumping into you?