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Thursday, October 06, 2005

There is more to me than my beta numbers...

let's see:
  1. I have to pee like every three minutes.  This is very odd for me, but then again, I have never been pregnant before so I am actually enjoying it a little.  One problem, I think I have mentioned before that my Endo has a love/hate relationship with my bladder.  I feel pain when my bladder is "full" and it gets worse after I empty it.  So, OW!
  2. The AF type cramping has stopped and I now only have occasional new and different cramps/twinges.  I am much happier with this arrangement.
  3. My head is still stuffy but the PAIN in my sinuses is killing me.  I have determined that it is a head cold due to the fact that T is also sick.  He is not very happy with me for sharing my germs.  As is typical fashion in the House of Blue, I get a moderate case of illness which lingers over a long period of time, T gets an extreme case of same illness which comes and goes fairly quickly.  I am hoping that he will be able to breathe better tonight.  Neither of us slept much last night due to the fact that he couldn't, at all.
  4. Tender/Tingling nipples.  Hey, this is fun.  Thank goodness for V.Secrets lined bras which provide support and protection for said areas.  The regular sports bras however are just not cutting it on the elliptical machine at the gym.  Ow, ow, ow, ow for about 30 minutes or so.
  5. Bloating.  My skinny jeans, which I bought when I lost all this weight and were getting big on me so that I was looking forward to another shopping trip, are now a bit tight after a meal. 
  6. I AM TIRED.  This could be a combination of the cold/not sleeping thing.  I had myself convinced it was OK just to veg on the couch on Tuesday night: sick, pregnant, working over-time, etc.  Then I rolled my eyes at myself and got up and did the dishes.  Last night however, T worked late so I vegged the entire evening (after putting the dishes in to soak) and feel so much more rested today even though I still slept like crap last night.
  7. I almost choked myself last night (home alone) while taking my Met.  I popped the two pills in my mouth and while chugging the water I looked over the top of the bottle at the TV.  I was watching old re-runs of Mad About You (LOVE that show) and the dog did something funny and I started laughing/chug/choke/laugh/choke/chug/breathe/cough/chug/choke/laugh until I finally was able to start coughing/gasp/cough/gasp and made my way to the bathroom where I was SURE I was going to lose my supper in the gagging process. (Still not pregnancy related, how stupid am I?)  I managed to gain a bit more air with each gasp and finally was able to clear the water out of my lungs.  I looked at myself in the mirror and saw my face was bright red, my eyes were bloodshot and tears were streaming down my face.  That sucked man!  My eyes were still red when T got home a couple hours later.  It took quite a bit of coughing to finally feel like all the water was out of my wind pipe.  Looking back on it, what the dog did wasn't THAT funny, I mean, not enough to kill myself over. Happy to report I am good as new today, however I shall close my eyes whenever swallowing pills in the future.

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Em said...

My need to pee all the time is getting a bit better. My boobs are big(ger!)and heavy and I get the tingly nips. I also expereience extreme tiredness in the afternoon and feelings of nausea can hit me any time. No throwing up though.