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Thursday, October 20, 2005

So many issues, so little time.

1) The siding people are now hounding us for payment.  We have the money sitting right there on the desk.  We just don't feel like paying them yet.  Hmm.  That sounds familiar, we would like to but...  I am now psyching myself up to call the owner back and throw it in his face that they continue to prove the lack of communication within their office.  It might actually be fun! :0)
2) I had a dream this morning that I was at a country club with Alan Alda.  I cried on his shoulder that I hadn't slept in weeks.  He asked where I needed to go.  I said Christopher Robin's house.  I woke up with Kenny Login's song "Return to Pooh's Corner" going through my head.  I haven't heard it in years!!!  (A Pooh themed nursery is not out of the question, but I hadn't realized how much I had actually been thinking about it.  I like Snoopy too.)  Still, where does Alan Alda fit in?
3) I went to the endocrinologist yesterday for a pregnancy/thyroid check up.  He will have to watch me closely.  They have a lab right there in the office so I sat down for the blood draw.  She went in the #1 chosen vein and couldn't get anything.  She wiggled and twisted the needle around and no blood came out.  She pulled out the needle which made a disturbing pshshshshshsh sound, like a freshly popped Tupperware lid!  She tried the other vein in the same arm.  The right has always been the default go-to arm.  I do not understand this recent turn of events regarding my blood (remember my hematoma experience a couple months ago?).  She decided I didn't know what I was talking about when I told her to use the right arm.  She turned her attentions to my inner left elbow.  This third poke produced the same as the first two, no blood and that awful pshshshshshsh sound when she finally gave up and withdrew the needle.  I have officially dried up!  She gave me paperwork to take to a different lab, told me to drink tons of water before I go and they will get copies of the results. *eyes rolling*  Can nothing be simple in life? I used to get my thyroid checked every month! I've never had this problem before.  She told me I have good veins, they just didn't feel like letting go of any blood yesterday, I guess.
4) The good news is we got the check from the other people's insurance company yesterday to cover the deductible on fixing my car.  We thought we would have to up front the money and screw around to get it back. Yay!!!!
That is enough for now.  I am SO tired.  If only Alan Alda would let me sleep at night.


April said...

*woozy* I can't imagine being stuck three times. How in the name of G-d am I going to make it through injectibles? You poor dear.

And congrats on the good news about the car.

Jen P said...

Pregnancy dreams are surreal. Wait til you get the hot and heavy sex dreams with the oddest of people!! ;)

Hooray for the insurance and I hope the panel people get exactly what they deserve!

Best wishes to you!

Mabel said...

Why is _ _ _ _ alda an answer on almost every crossword puzzle?