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Monday, October 17, 2005

No Music for the Little One, At Least Not Yet.

This kid, will be exposed to ALL KINDS of music.  I listen to such a wide variety it isn't even funny. T will be sure to explain the finer points of death metal, speed metal, thrash and plain ol' hard rock.  From me the child will learn about 80's hair bands, Broadway show tunes, movie scores (as opposed to soundtracks), a little country and best of all, yoga music!  My mother will teach it/him/her campfire songs from her many summers at camp growing up in the 50's.  My mother-in-law will no doubt try to become the flute teacher she has always wanted to be.  Poor kid.  I took private flute lessons for over 8 years.  There are so many more interesting instruments out there (I played 7 in the high school band).
So anyway, why not go to the Black Label Society concert in Chicago in November?  I asked the Fertility God explaining the show would be in a club, not an arena and we really didn't know much about the venue.  He suggested that the excessive noise and probable crowded smokey atmosphere would not be the best environment for me at that still early stage of pregnancy.  I am disappointed not to see this show, but it is a small price to pay if it means having a healthy baby.  We think we might work something out with T's brother.  If they could meet us in Chicago (half way between our two towns of residence) then the two boys could go to the show together while SIL and I hung out with their son who will be 5 months old at that point. Thus both tickets (already purchased) would get used and no one feels left out of anything.  Sounds like a good plan, no?
So now, I have a question.  It is both dog and baby related so I expect answers from at least two people (Ahem, Christine and Threebees when you get a chance, no rush).  About this whole, training the dog how to react to the baby thing.  Did you do this?  Is this recommended?  Should I have any reason to think that my overly anxious change-hating dog will not handle the addition of an attention robbing noise making funny smelling tiny person?  I thought that I would have her tested by the local Humane Society to be sure she can handle small children, etc.   We have never seen anything vicious about her, ever, but like I said, she hates change and in her home is different than the neighbor kids out in the yard, right?  She seemed OK with my nephew (the above mentioned infant) a couple weeks ago.  She sniffed him a bit and licked his cheek (he is quite used to dogs as they have two) but she did cock her head sideways and eventually barked at him when he cried.  Your ideas would be most appreciated. Maybe she'll just go on another hunger strike like she did while I was away this weekend. *eyes rolling*
And now, the child must have a name here in blogland. After much consideration, I have settled on Light Blue for he/she/it is very much a part of me, only smaller. 
7 weeks tomorrow, still not comfortable with this whole thing yet.


VHMPrincess said...

Love the name Little Blue!

KS said...

Hi Blue!

De-lurking to say that I have a few copies of emails from a dog training list I used to participate on regarding dogs and babies. I'd be happy to send them to you. Email me if you want them. ksmaybe at yahoo dot com.

TracyB said...

Blue, Great name for your little one.

When I got pregnant (after many years of trying and medical coaxing), I think our dog knew before we did. She has always slept on hubby's side of the bed (when she's not in it), but all of a sudden, she started sleeping on my side. Also hung out near me when she had previously hung around him more. So your dog will know, I am sure, that there is going to be an addition to the family.

When we brought Ricky home (after 16 days in the NICU), we were sure to have KC meet him and sniff him all over. Which for her, amounted to two sniffs. When he cried, she was a bit nervous, but once she realized that we were taking care of him, she calmed right down too. Bottom line - he's now 21 months old, she's 12 yo and they are best buddies.

Some dogs just KNOW.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so we had 4 dogs when we brought Max home. We were really surprised at how quickly they adjusted, and we didn't do much prep work.

If she barked with the crying, it might be a good idea to tape the baby crying and start playing that for her. Other than that, we ramped up some basic obedience training. After Max was born, Paul brought home a hat and blanket and let the dogs sniff (but not take) them. Then we introduced the dogs to the baby one at a time.

Everything went really smoothly. Tika, the one dog that may have been a problem, slept on the floor for the first few days (Max was in a bassinet, I think she was just put out).

At this point, they tend to avoid him since he can grab, unless he's just gotten some solids. Then they'll come around.

If you're worried, having her temperament tested will put you at ease. Otherwise, I'd just concentrate on some obedience every day (the basics: sit, stay, down, leave it, etc.). It's good that you're thinking about this early!


ThreeBees said...

Woo Hoo! I get a few minutes to blog/comment so here goes -- Yes, we did bring the dog the first receiving blanket that the baby used so the dog could get used to the smell. When we got home, we greated the dog with out holding the baby and gave the puppy lots of love and praise. It wasn't until maybe 20 minutes later that the baby started to coo and fuss in the pack-n-play that the dog noticed and she was actully quite curious and sweet. However, she is not that nervous of a dog and she didn't eat very well for a few days after the introduction of the baby. When she finally did eat, she must have been starving and stuffed herself -- she threw-up a few minutes later. She's also up with us at night when we are up with the baby so she has the sleepy new-parent look to her too. Otherwise we are very pleased and she has done well.

If your dog is as nervous as you say, you might have issues but you could just consult with your vet or a trainer and maybe they could give suggestions on how best to prepare her. You'll just have to put a little more prep work into the introduction of Light Blue (love that BTW) and the dog.

Thinking of you!

Jessica said...

So excited that there is a little blue who needs a name!
We don't have a dog, but we do have a cat who thinks he is a dog... I think that counts!
Our cat reacted VERY violently when we brought home a kitten a year ago. Peed everywhere. Was shaky and all around super unhappy. When I had to put him on antidepressants to help him I realized we had to find a better home for the kitten. (She's quite happy at a friend's house now.)
Anyway, because of that we were really nervous about bringing the baby home. Last thing you want to deal with when you have a newborn is a stressed out peeing animal!
Turns out we had no cause to be worried. When the baby came home he didn't really care because she was so small and didn't take up any of "his" space. After a week or so he even joined us in the bed again. (She was in a bassinet next to the bed) If she was in bed with one of us, he'd go snuggle with the other.
Now that Clara is a bit bigger and getting interested in him he's quite tolerant. I think he feels that she is part of the "pack" now.
He even sleeps on her lap if she is on ours.

Basically just trying to say that dogs and cats tend to feel that babies are part of the family pack and reserve aggression or tension for non pack elements....

Now returning to lurkdom!