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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Top Heavy

I developed early.  I was one of those poor girls who was getting her bra snapped/unhooked by the boys in the 4th grade.  Not.Fun.  By 6th grade I was wearing the same bra size as my mother, a full B cup.  Thank goodness the other girls finally caught up to me in middle school.
I may have mentioned before that undergoing this weight loss over the last year has been detrimental to my boobs.  They lost quite a bit of those 35-40 pounds.  They have been looking flat and wrinkled and in desperate need of a lift of some sort.  However, over the last couple of weeks I have been able to notice a visible difference in them.  They are round and full and though a bit sore, not too bad.  (I will need to get something reinforced for exercising. Duct Tape maybe? The bouncing is just.not.good.)
They are gorgeous.
T has decided we should take pictures of my now quite voluptuous rack so that we can later show said pictures to a plastic surgeon as an example of what we want the "after" picture to look like.  I have never been one to consider plastic surgery before, but now that I see the potential, I must admit the idea does not repulse me. 
I have also noticed over the last week the occasional shooting chest pain.  It is a quick catch-your-breath sort of thing.  The kind that makes you change the position you are sitting in.  At first I thought I was just in an uncomfortable chair, but they have continued in different chairs, different days, etc.  I started thinking maybe the baby implanted in my lung instead of my ute, but I suppose we'll find that out at my scan on Thursday.  "Um, a little higher doc."
I am wondering now if those pains are related to the expansion of the chest.  Am I getting a bit top/front heavy? If so, I think the only solution is to wear a backpack which is heavier than my front to pull everything upright again, balance myself out.  What do you think?


Julie said...

ahhh... pregnancy boobs. better than silicone.

Jen P said...

If I'm correct, which I'm probably not due to baby brain, but I remember being told it was the first of the great lung expansion that will occur shortly before the grand lund decompression care of fat bottomed babies.

That and the new blood circulation to the booooooobies.

They're fabulous, aren't they!?

Congrats again!! So exciting!

ThreeBees said...

Ah yes! I remember this feeling too. I lost 35 lbs and my rack totally shrank but pregnancy gave them a much needed lift. Enjoy the new curves!