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Monday, October 24, 2005

I am so boring, then again maybe not

If, after reading my last post, you guessed take a nap with the dog, followed by doing dishes and then knitting, you win!
Saturday I followed up by putting the flannel sheets on the bed, taking another nap and knitting some more.
Sunday I slept in until 10:20am (unbelievable!), went to the store with T, made lunch, ate lunch, knit some more, took another nap (the dog is loving this by the way, the more couch time the better), knit some more, had sex, ate dinner and went to bed.
Do I know how to live it up on the weekends or what?
This wild and crazy lifestyle shall continue this week as I am leaving work early this afternoon to go pick up my car from the body-shop. (Whooo Hoooo!!!!!!) I shall then drive it directly to my uncle's garage so he can give it a good going-over before we trust the repairs were made correctly. So I won't officially have my car back until tomorrow at the earliest, but it is a step in the right direction.
Tomorrow we play musical cars as we drop off T's car at the dealer for some warranty work, pick up my car (hopefully) then head to the Fertility God's office for the 8 week scan.  Hopefully all is well there so we can go directly to the gym which is right around the corner.  If things are not well, I shall want to go directly home to bed, do not pass go, do not collect $200 (or the $500 we spent to get this particular cycle this far) but T will most likely still want to go to the gym to blow off the steam of despair.  A slight issue we will deal with if the situation arises and of course we will hope for the best which will make the point null and void.
Yesterday I told T that I had read semen has a property in it that softens the cervix and can help move it along toward labor.  He hugged me and said, "Let's go soften your cervix!" I laughed and said, "No, he needs to stay in there a little longer". To which he replied, "It's a girl!"  Now, I am not saying that I think/intuit that Light Blue is a boy but T has his mind made up that Light Blue is a girl.  He wants a girl.  I remember when my BIL and his wife got the results of their ultrasound and we all got the emails with the u/s pictures and the announcement that they would really prefer a boy BUT they are having a girl, damn.  Um, HELL NO will I be disappointed with my child before we even meet!  NO, just NO. (There will be plenty of time for Light Blue to disappoint me as a teenager, this is just too soon.)  So, I am hoping for neither a boy or a girl, however, I am also hoping that T gets what he wants, whether he knows it yet or not.
Funny thing, we know that my due date is 6-6-06.  Does anyone see an auspicious, or should I say, inauspicious number in there anywhere?  666 ring a bell?  I have mentioned before that T is rather fond of death metal, speed metal, all things Slayer and otherwise thought of as satanic (Slaytanic to the initiated) even though they are not really. He is LOVING this due date.  If it is ever corrected I think he will fight it. (He is convinced that it was the sex in the hotel room with the porn movie that got me pregnant, not the IUI that followed two days later.)  We have joked extensively that should we have a boy we should name him Damien.  Flipping through channels this weekend he paused on Mtv.  The VJ's name? Damien.  Are we doomed?

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