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Friday, October 21, 2005

Wild and Crazy Friday Night!!!

T is working late tonight.  If we are lucky, he might make it home by 2am.  He went in this morning at 6am.  Poor guy.
Here is the thing.  There is a list of things I would like to get done in his absence.
1) Do dishes and clean the kitchen until it shines.
2) Vacuum main floor area rugs and carpeting in basement.
3) Do our budget, or you know, invent one (one of those things I keep meaning to do).
4) Take a nap with the dog (I am sure she won't mind).
5) Knit!  I want to hurry up and finish the poncho I am working on so I can start making things for Light Blue.  I don't do well with deadlines so I will need until June to get the two items done that I have in mind. (I have a pattern for a baby afghan named "Blue Tranquility".  How perfect is that?!?!?!)
6) Watch the DVDs I have had for almost a year and haven't watched yet. (Mary Poppins and Turner and Hooch) (Yes, I have seen both movies, just not since I got the DVDs.)
7) Try NOT to think about the 8 week appointment on Tuesday since we will either "graduate" from the Fertility Gods or find something has gone terribly horribly wrong.
8) Put the flannel sheets on the bed.
9) Write another entry in my This is How We Came to be Your Parents journal.  I am up to the part where I had a car accident.  Light Blue's first trauma!
10) Listen to the current audiobook on my ipod. "In the Company of Cheerful Ladies" by Alexander McCall Smith. LOVE his books.  I recently finished "Portuguese Irregular Verbs" and will be giving it to my Step-Dad for Christmas.
Any bets on which one(s) actually get done? 


Julie said...

i vote for the nap, but that's just me...

Sheryl said...

If it were me... it would be napping with the dog and probably watching a movie or two!!!

April said...

I also voted for nap...

daysgoby said...

Thinking good thoughts about your appointment today!!!