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Monday, October 10, 2005

Tidbits and Disclaimers

Wow, that sucks. I just typed up this whole post and was in the edit before actually posting stage when my browser closed on its own and I lost the whole thing. I hate when that happens!


In short


On Multiples. T is convinced we are having twins. Basically a Murphy's Law sort of thing. His boss, knowing about the three mature follicles at the time of insemination has put his vote in for six! He is thinking three sets of identical twins. Yeah, thanks for that. We will find out Thursday morning I guess. (Secretly hoping for twins. Would be overjoyed with a single healthy baby too of course and would certainly not turn away triplets but if we could put in a request, it would be twins.)


On Belly Pics. I am not sure how I feel about belly pics. I have been told I will wish later that I had taken them if I do not now. I had not made my mind up about this when I was blinded by a bright light, a flash as it were, while in the shower the other day. T took it upon himself to document the moment, you know, while I was naked, wet and shaving my bits. Um, those will NOT be posted online.


On grandmothers. T's mother has made this big deal about how my BIL lives in another state so she never gets to see them and since they had a baby in June she doesn't get to see her grandson, etc. Typical nagging mother of an adult child who wants to get away from the parent stuff. So SIL and Nephew were in town last week and after a bit of nagging went over to visit MIL. Nephew has reflux and is teething so he is not a happy camper a lot. Apparently, as soon as they arrived at MIL's house Nephew began to scream. She got all flustered, said she could not see him like that and threw them out!!! Can I get a WHAT THE FUCK here? She has seen the child all of two times since his birth and he cried (as babies tend to do from time to time) and she kicked them out? Oh My God! I cannot wrap my head around it.


On Infertility Blogging vs. Pregnancy Blogging. Yeah. I am not shutting down the blog or changing the blog or moving the blog. My intro says I want two kids. If that happens in one shot (see paragraph 1 above) then great, if not, then I shall stick around until the American Dream is achieved. This blog was created out of selfish reasons and shall continue in the same manner. I do appreciate the readers I have, but darlings, you are the flies on the wall of my innermost thoughts. You shall see what I put out there, which is whatever I happen to be going through at the time. At the moment, that is a very early, very longed for pregnancy. This is as close to a *warning*/pg ment./disclaimer of personal feelings you are going to get for the next 34 weeks. Mmmmkay?

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Anonymous said...

I'll hope for twins for you, too.

Didn't do the belly shots. Don't regret it, as I hate having my picture taken.

Can't. Wait. For. Ultrasound.