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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

First of All...

I am OK.  Keep that in mind.  I am FINE.
I was in a car accident at lunch today.  My car was T-boned by an elderly couple trying to turn left across three lanes of traffic.  They hit me squarely by their front end, smashed in the grill and bumper of their car but no major damage there.  My car.  Well. My car is another story.  It is up at the body shop getting an estimate.  T thinks they will total it. :0(
The couple tried to make it out to the officer that I was speeding and that it was my fault.  The officer said that the limit was 45mph through there and had I actually been going 45 I would not have ended up crooked over the curb with one wheel in the air but rather across the street probably in the telephone pole.  She never asked either of us what happened.  She could tell by the damage on the vehicles and where my car landed that it was not my fault.  The driver of the other car had an invalid license since he had cut the edges off to fit it into his wallet but she let him off the hook for that since it wasn't actually expired.  She stated it was his fault but did not give him a ticket.  (It took a while for the officer to show up.  She apologized and said she would have been there sooner but she noticed two women running after a man through a parking lot.  When the man saw the cop he took of in a different direction.  She nabbed him and it turns out he had just shoplifted something out of a the store where the two women work.)
My head hit the window on the driver's side door a couple times. (Yeah, so that's what those side airbags are for.  Maybe I should look into those in my next vehicle.)  My back is sore from the sideways jolt and my knee is a bit sore (maybe that hit the door too, not sure) but I am fine.  I called the doctor and the nurse said unless I have any problems develop they will just give me a good going over in the morning when I have my ultrasound.  She said just to take it easy the rest of the day.  I had planned on going to the gym after work tonight but I think my heartrate has been raised enough for one day.
So, I have been taking deep breaths and thinking calm Zen thoughts since I have heard that stress is basically the worst thing for the baby at this point.  Ahhhh.  I was not hurt, it is just a car, they make more everyday. 
T came and picked me up and took me home to pick up his mom's car which we had borrowed since we were supposed to take the Firebird in for service tonight.  We cancelled that appointment since we now don't have an extra car.  The body shop said they may have a loaner for me but we will check on that when they call with the estimate. 
I am back in the office.  My coworkers have nicknamed me "Crash" and are calling me that every chance they get!  Ya gotta love 'em.
Just wanted to let you know and again, I am OK!


ThreeBees said...

OMG Blue! Take it very easy. . . I am thinking of you and will be checking in as often as I can.

Jen P said...

Yeeeeesh!! So glad you're ok!!

What horrible people to try and blame you and to not even get a ticket?!


So glad you're ok and hoping all goes well tomorrow morning.

Please take it easy!!

April said...

oh Blue - so sorry to hear what you've been going through. That's so scary. I'll be thinking of you.

b said...

I am so glad you are ok! What a scary ordeal. I swear, they should make driving tests mandatory after a certain age. So many people would get their licenses revoked!

VHMPrincess said...

Good grief! I'm so glad you're ok! I can't believe they tried to pin it on YOU ( I don't even think if you were speeding it would be your fault - I believe the responsibility is on THEM to make sure the path is clear, regardless of speed of oncoming traffic ) but THEY should get the ticket.

Let us know after the u/s again that everything is A-OK, I'm sure we'll all be worried.