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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Just What the Doctor Ordered?

I have been having some bad thoughts this morning brought about two physical symptoms that seem to have changed. 
#1) Up until this morning I have had new and different twinges and short painful cramps in my abdomen.  Nothing like my warm, low AF cramps which last a while.
#2) The whole constipation thing.  This morning I have experienced, um, a bit of a reversal in that department.  Things are coming... fast and furious shall we say? (I have taken neither a stool softener or the fiber since last Wednesday. Did the Metformin decide to work now that I am pregnant?)
I am thinking these are symptoms of PMS, at least for me.  I have been thinking all morning that this is the end but that I won't know unless I start bleeding or until next week's u/s when we will go in and see a 6 wk u/s showing a 4 wk 5 day embryo.
I got a call from the nurse at my OB/GYN's office this morning. (The Fertility Gods copied my beta #'s to their office as an FYI sort of thing.) She congratulated me then asked me to repeat the beta at 72 hours.  I told her the number she was looking at was the repeat beta.  She said to do it again at 72 hours.  So, that would make
So, now on my lunch hour I get to go get poked again so I will have a 3rd number hopefully somewhere well above 1300 something. And...hopefully they will calm my growing nervousness a bit.
I have been enjoying things up to this point.  Up until my physical symptoms started to change.  Sore/tingling boobs, peeing every 3 minutes, stuffy nose (?), and those odd but new and different camps.  People (friends and family I have told**) have congratulated me and I always say, "Thanks!  It is early yet so you never know what could happen, but we are very happy."  I have been in that state of Happy For Now.  This morning, I have been a bit apprehensive.  Sort of a bit Worried For Now.
I get to worry about what that 3rd number is going to be until I get the call which, probably won't be until tomorrow at this late point in the day.
*Fingers Crossed for a good Beta #3*
** I KNOW it is too early to tell people.  I told only family and friends who have followed us on our TTC journey.  I have always been very open about our infertility and the treatments we have tried.  Those people supported us through all that crap, I wanted them to support us through this too.  If things go bad then I am taking them all down with me, we can all grieve together.


Lala said...

good numbers, good numbers, c'mon good numbers!

Jennie said...

ahhh bluey I am so crossing everything that the numbers come back big and beautiful,sending up prayers for you and your beanie.

VHMPrincess said...

crossing fingers for good numbers from today, and probably won't be able to keep from refreshing every 5 minutes....starting in about 10 minutes.

Jen P said...

The um, reversal is a sign of excellent progsterone production. Trust me on that one! My prog numbers were sky high and alllllll I did for 7 1/2 weeks was use roll after roll of toilet paper.

So I'm hoping for excellent numbers. Big, huge, bright blue numbers!!

Eeeeeeeeeeeee!! The excitment is getting too much!!

ThreeBees said...

Thinking nothing but good thoughts over here. :)

Lala said...

what?? no update yet. C'mon woman!!