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Thursday, December 08, 2005

14 Week Prenatal Appointment

We waited 45 minutes for our 5 minute appointment.We heard the heartbeat for about 2 seconds before we were interrupted by a knock at the door and that was the end of that. She does not have a digital doppler so we don't have a count. I expect my rented home doppler to arrive tomorrow so I can listen (and count) all I want! T thinks this means I am obsessively pessimistic and expect nothing but doom.  I just want to have some connection with this kid that I cannot feel or see.  Is that so wrong?
My bloodwork from last time (STD/HIV testing) came back clear.  I had my flu shot and will go in Saturday to get blood drawn for the genetic screening tests.  I have my reservations about this since there is a high rate of false positives.  Dr. WaitnSee said they are about 75% accurate.  I can't decide if it would be better to know or not.  I'd rather just not think about it. (By the way, all the decisions about whether or not to do this fell in my lap as I looked to T for his opinion and he made it clear it was up to me.)
Next appointment will be Jan. 12 at which time we will schedule the big ultrasound (around my birthday sometime). SO excited to find out what we are having.  Of course,my favorite question is "Do you know what you're having?" followed by "Yes! It's a baby!" But that could just be my own sick sense of humor.
She gave me the go ahead to go to the indoor firing range as long as we don't stay "all day" or go every day.  She said once in a while for about an hour is just fine, though she can't for the life of her figure out why someone would go shoot at targets.  This means that while my Dad and stopmom are visiting this Christmas we can all go to the range and shoot.  T wants to show me his gun that he just got a couple months ago (his Christmas gift from me last year, he finally picked one out) and my Dad and stepmom have both taken up shooting so we can actually have a family outing with a common interest. Amazing!
She wants me to stay on the Met for a while yet.  Not sure when that will be over.  The exciting thing was I only gained 2 pounds since my last appointment.  Why this is exciting I do not know but both the nurse and the doctor seemed happy to see that.  At least I am not ballooning up just because I can.
I am still waiting to hear back from the Thyroid Guru (he of the open doors) about my last test results.  Could he be any slower?
Sorry I haven't written much lately.  I've mentioned before that I write when things are bad or when I am feeling insecure.  Since I have been feeling good about things, I find myself with not much to say.  I suppose that makes me a whiney bitchy writer which is akin to a starving artist.  One must suffer for her art, or, in order to obtain it in the first place.  I am not going to complain about being pregnant (nothing to complain about other than the lack of Holiday 'Spirits' ) and I can't exactly whine about wanting things to go more quickly so I can actually meet this little person. I am also not going to sing the praises of all things pregnancy and wish babydust upon people.  So, I guess I am stuck in the land of the non-verbal.


lala said...

Try sign language *LOL*
How's the poochie belly coming?

ThreeBees said...

So glad you are doing well. Thinking of you often.

Amie said...

I have been reading your blog for a long time, popping in hear and there. I'm not sure if I commented before, but If I havent' said it yet I just wanted to say congrats! :D

Amie said...

LOL, I meant "here" and there :D

wessel said...

I never thought about it before, but I guess I can see why you'd be in a sort of verbal limboland. Sigh. Well, you could just keep giving us pregnancy updates. I kind of like those. :-)

Emma said...

When people ask me if we know what we're having I say I think it's a baby but we're hoping for a puppy.

Makes them think :)

Claudia said...

Hey, I hate to pipe up and contradict the advice your doctor gave you, but I'd skip the indoor range, big time. My husband and I shoot regularly, but rarely at an indoor range 'cause we feel the environment is so unhealthy. Even with a good ventilation system (which few truly have) you're still breathing in tons of lead. Frankly, I would be surprised if the range even allowed you to shoot in the first place.

Sorry, hope that's not too pushy, or assvice, or a downer, but I thought I oughta pipe up and say something.

Otherwise, congrats on your pregnancy!