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Monday, December 12, 2005

Road Rage on a Monday Morning

So I was a mere 60 seconds from work this morning when this trailer-haulin’-pick-up-drivin’-assh*le decided it would be a good idea to pull out in front of me and make a left turn across two lanes of traffic at much less than the acceptable 55mph speed limit posted in that area. Dumb Ass! Dumb Ass!
I slammed on the brakes, which of course in these days of anti-lock "assistance" means you cannot actually stop the car!!! I know, I know, my brakes suck. They have always sucked. I am told the rotors are too small for the size of the vehicle, it is a design flaw, etc. I do require extra braking distance. Which, if I am coming up to a corner or stop light is no problem because I know how to drive my car! I am used to my sub-standard brakes and extra braking distance required. Others however, are not. I could have hit him, in the rear, and would not have had my vehicle under control for the speed, etc. making it my fault. I did nothing wrong.  I had the right of way and was going the posted limit! Grrr.
This guy pulled out across two lanes of traffic, s-l-o-w-l-y with me and the van next to me (no dodging to the side on this one, had to stop or hit the guy) barreling down on him at 55mph. I hit the horn twice, the second time not lifting my hand from it, just let ‘er rip and he sort of stared at me like "What is your problem?"
Um, my problem is that apparently ever since conception I have a HUGE sign above my car, invisible to me of course, that says "Hey! Over here! Hit the pregnant lady! You probably won’t even get a ticket!" Let us look at this in more detail shall we? I have never in my life been in an actual car accident until October of this year. I have been in minor rear-ending situations where there was no damage and these usually occurred in a parking lot and were not my fault!!!! However, 6 weeks into pregnancy, WHAM! I get T-boned in a place the cops call "Accident Alley", where I have driven on a regular basis with nary a close call for YEARS!  Now, almost 9 weeks later, I narrowly miss smashing into the trailer of an incompetent. If this is a pattern I had better watch myself, or rather, everyone else on the road, come early March or I could have a major problem!
I have heard the argument time and time again that people should have to get a license in order to have children. Not only is this completely un-inforcible in my opinion but, using driving comparatively I would say that even those with a valid license (assuming the guy had one) are inherently stupid. There is just no way around it. Someone will ruin it for everyone else, it always happens.
How did I react? I raged. My child’s first words will not be fit for young children or those with sensitive dispositions. Amazingly enough, I lost my outrage rather quickly. I thought, "Damn! Crazy A**hole! If only it weren’t dark and he was going the other way I could have gotten his plate number!" What I would actually do with this information is beyond me, but still. Once in the office and informed that the printer was broken I started my workweek and all but forgot the whole thing. Well, except to write this of course. :0)
I am now comforting myself with a cup of decaf and a chocolate eclair. Comfort food if ever there was. I believe this is what the gods called Ambrosia and just did not share.
So how is your Monday morning going?

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B said...

Wow! How scary! So many people just do not know how to drive. Glad you are ok!!