March for Babies

Friday, December 23, 2005

Oh Joy, Oh Bliss

How much better can life get?  I am sitting in my brand new, delivered 5 minutes ago, recliner (Christmas gift from T for the nursery) writing on my now completely wireless laptop.  Ha!  I have a home network, go figure.  Can life get much better?  Well, Ok, in June I shall write you on my wireless laptop from my recliner with a little one resting comfortably asleep in a sling around my neck. How about that?  (Those who know better, please don't burst my bubble yet.  I am still in that denial stage about what life with a baby will really be like.)
Merry Christmas to all! And Happy Chanukah Dear Wessel! 
Blue :0)


wessel said...

I'm certainly not going to burst your bubble, I mean, they DO have to sleep sometime! :-)

My DH just bought a new LaZboy against all my vehement protestations, and now he has to fight with me to get my fat tush out of it! It is a rocker, too. Love it! Now I just need the baby.

Merry Christmas to you. :-)

Lala said...

Merry Christmas Blue. I believe that you'll be in that recliner emailing me about how tired you are. I can hardly wait!
luv Lala