March for Babies

Thursday, January 20, 2005

He Loves Me So Much

Last night I mentioned to T that people keep asking me what we have planned to celebrate my 30th birthday Friday night.  I tell them we don't have anything planned, we will probably go out to dinner. He suggested this answer:
Tell them that I am taking you out to Chuckie Cheese's
so we can have pizza which you can't eat and cake and ice cream which you can't eat,
and then after the big mouse sings to you we'll play games with all the little kids...cause that won't depress you at all.
Then, since you are so old, we will go buy you a '92 Lincoln Town Car with the blinker that never turns off.
Then we will head home because old people turn in early so you'll have to be to bed by 7 o'clock.
Did I mention he turns 30 at the end of March and I will have to listen to how old I am for another two months?


ThreeBees said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful celebration.

Jen P said...

Happy Birthday!! Whoo hoo! Another Aquarian! Hope you have a great birthday and whatever you get to eat is just as nice.

best wishes