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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties...

I have been waiting to post until after my doctor's appointment this afternoon since until then I will still have absolutely no idea what I am facing with the whole cyst thing.  I don't know its size, what side it is on or how much trouble it may be causing.  I know I O'd on CD15 and am now 8DPO.  I am using my progesterone like a good girl and have the obligatory flat prog. temps to prove it. (The cyst can't be that bad if I don't know where it is, can it?)
No, I haven't been to my appointment yet but I have found something new to obsess about for a couple days which has been a nice distraction really.  It all started Friday when T gave me an iPod for my birthday.  I was thrilled and got more and more excited as the night went on and we went to Best Buy to purchase accessories for it. We got the car adapter/charger so I can listen to it on my car stereo, and the armband so I can listen to it while I workout at the gym.  We got home and I immediately started reading the owners manual only to find out that the iPod requires Windows 2000 or XP.  My home computer runs on Windows ME.  (I know the joke...ME stands for Many Errors.  I am here to tell you that everything you have heard about ME is TRUE!)  So, T's excitement about giving me the ultimate birthday present was dashed when we found out that I couldn't even load the software.  Sunday after discussing different options we (rather quickly) gave up and ordered a Dell.  DUDE, I'M GETTIN' A DELL!!!  They sent me an email saying it had shipped and now I am addicted to checking the tracking numbers on the UPS website.  My computer is right at this minute in three separate boxes somewhere in Illinois.  They expect it to reach me tomorrow. I can't wait for it to show up so I can load up the iPod and the Turbo Tax! (I know I'm sick.) 
You must realize that my current computer is a 6 year old laptop, bought off the shelf at Best Buy the same day I received a bonus from work.  I left work, went to the store and purchased my first ever computer.  I will never do this again.  We have had nothing but trouble with it from day one.  First with AOL (finally dumped the losers), then with the ME and now just not enough memory to do anything with all of our fun high tech toys (camera, cd burner, PDA, and now iPod).  The iPod was just the straw that broke the camel's back.  T has wanted to smash the thing with a sledgehammer for years.  Every time he walks into the room the computer locks up.  This makes it difficult to do things, like order parts for his car or look at porn, etc.  He has made me promise that when the laptop finally gives up the ghost he gets to "through it out the second story window onto the driveway, then run it over with the semi from work, then piss on it and finally put it into a press and crunch the hell out of it".  I told him once it actually dies he can have all the fun he wants but until then it will be my "writing" computer.  You know, because in my own mind I will now be able to write that novel.  Uh Huh.
In other news I pooped for the first time since Friday!  Don't get me wrong, I have not felt uncomfortably constipated, I just haven't pooped in days.  I'm starting to feel like Dooce.  I know the whole low-carb thing can lead to that (down 14 pounds now).  I get it, I have been taking fiber supplements and eating raw veggies out the ass (pun intended).   I thought if nothing else the Metformin would help me out a bit, but no.  I may have to take my own advice and go out for lunch tomorrow.
Will update after my appointment if there is anything worth posting.  I am basically hoping I get off with a slap on the wrist and an order to take next month off of the Clomid but nothing in my life has ever been that easy.
(Wouldn't it be funny if this cycle worked and I was pregnant and so taking the month off Clomid would be a mute point?)
Oh, sorry, I forgot, this is real life, not TV.

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