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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

In this installment of Dr. WaitnSee...The Cyst

The Big Bad Cyst is on the right ovary and is 5cm x 2cm.  She couldn't feel it during the exam.  Not really that much to worry about.  If/When I get my next period I will have another u/s to see if it is bigger or smaller.  If it is bigger then we will take the month off of Clomid.  If it is smaller then we will up the Clomid to 100mg.
The real fun came when I told T that I have a lab slip for him to get his first SA.  This lead to quite a few amusing comments through course of the night.  Basically he crafted a scenario where the lab bathroom turns into a sleazy 25-cent peep show booth with sticky porn magazines and stains on the walls.  He said he wants to bring his own magazine and a black light to inspect things before he gets down to business.  He had me rolling on the floor when he imitated Al Bundy heading off to the bathroom with the newspaper under his arm, only with T it was a porn magazine and he was holding the cup in the other hand. He asked if I could go in with him, I told him I didn't know the rules about that.  Then he asked whether I could just spit into the cup, if that would be acceptable.  I told him probably not.
We talked about IUI and IVF and Injectibles and how neither one of us wants to take a month off but we don't want to increase the Clomid and make things worse.  We talked about how neither one of us wants me to take birth control for a month since they cause me major pain in the Endo areas along with joint pain in my hips and knees. Oh yeah, and birth control is sort of defeating the purpose at this point. 
I told him I feel like we are just putting in our time until we can adopt.  He wants me to remain positive.  I've never been positive.  He said adoption was our worse case scenario which isn't really a bad thing at all.  I told him how my main goal in all of this is to be a mother, not to be pregnant or give birth.  While I think those things would be really great experiences I will not forgo the former for the latter.
He kept cracking jokes through out our talk and kept apologizing saying that we should be serious.  I told him to keep joking because we have to keep laughing, otherwise it gets too damn depressing.  I think he understood that. 
So, in true Dr. WaitnSee fashion, we are once again waiting to see where we need to go. 
The good news is according to her scale I am down 18 pounds since I was there in October (evidenced by the safety pin holding my pants up since I haven't had time to move the buttons yet).  She said the weight loss will definitely help.
I guess I feel like we are in the same place we were before I went to see her.  We are still in the 2WW and won't know anything more until after then.  So, I shall continue to wait.


ThreeBees said...

So important to keep laughing! :) LOL

18 LBS!! That is awesome Blue! Keep up the good work.

Jen P said...

18 pounds is amazing! Whooo hoo!!!

Come on little cyst. Go AWAY!!

I'm hoping it goes away, really soon. Stupid little cyst.

best wishes