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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

A Blue by any other name...

Oh! I have a question! Now, I have to work out an answer…

Q: Where did the name [of your blog] come from?

A: I was trying to come up with a name for my blog and there were so many creative titles out there already I wanted something really different. I was trying to express the most about who I was while still maintaining a sense of anonymity (more for my husband's comfort level than mine).

So, the first thing people notice about me is that my favorite color is blue, mostly navy. My car is blue, my eyes are blue, if there are color choices for anything (board game pieces, fondue forks, yarn for my knitting, the colors you see on the blog itself) I choose blue every time. I write with blue pens. My living room couch is blue. My taper candle in my wedding was blue (T’s was black and those were used the light the unity candle which was custom ordered white wax with real flowers through out. It was a true representation of our individualities coming together). So that is the Navy Blue part. When you think of me, think Navy Blue which should be easy since you all call me Blue anyway. :0)

I am also known as a lover of all things pachyderm. I love elephants. Always have. I believe this is a direct genetic link to my maternal aunt who also has an elephant …thing. Her house is filled with statuettes, books, posters and tapes of nature shows about elephants. I am to inherit her elephant collection upon her death. I too have loads and loads of elephants in my house, two huge framed posters, candle holders with elephants, elephant coasters, coffee mugs, etc. (I received a pair of ivory earrings for Christmas once, I almost died. Why would you give an elephant lover something made of ivory, for which an elephant was probably brutally butchered to obtain? Think people, think!) I wear a gold elephant necklace around my neck. I never take it off. It is like my logo or something. I have worn it for 5 years now.

The trunk part is special. If you see an elephant with its trunk raised it is a symbol of good luck. The elephant on my necklace has its trunk raised. I don’t go around thinking that it is a good luck charm by any means, but it sure couldn’t hurt right? Trunks can also be something to pack in …baggage as the case may be. I have lots of that too.

So, Navy Blue Elephant Trunks is me and the things that I love with the most luck I can pack in there in such a short descriptive phrase.

Probably more than you wanted, huh?


Kris said...

That is so very neat, how you came up with your blog name. Thank you for sharing.

Mine was not nearly as all meaning as that.

I lost my third pregnancy, the only song on the radio every time I turned it on was Broken, and I just felt broken.

I wondered if I would ever be able to have a child, if I would ever be fixed, or if I was truly even, Broken or Not?

Now it refers to so many things in my life, not just in having to do with my womb, since that is working at the moment(and I can say this, because as per your next post, I am one of the women on your list who got pregnant after you read them, and you still read me, so...)

See, your's is a much better story.

Thanks for sharing.


Jen P said...

For you, pachyderm. For me, cats.

It's exactly the same for me. I can't get enough of the furrballs, and I'm not even sure why.

Best wishes to you.