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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I am a BAD date.

My husband and I never really dated. We are a boring couple. We hung out a lot, mostly in the breezeway of my parent's house watching TGIF and 20/20. We are truly a couple of homebodies content to veg away on the couch together. Ahhh. Bliss. I don't think either of us would do well dating. Dinner and a movie, obligatory sex and goodnight kisses? No thanks.

Yesterday being Valentine's Day we made a big to-do about things. He sent roses to my work along with not one but TWO balloons and the softest teddy bear ever invented strapped to the vase. Awwww. I now have a companion for the Santa Bear he gave me in 8th grade. I named the Santa bear Patrick and slept with it every single night from the day he gave it to me until the day we moved in together and I could actually curl up with the real thing. Poor Patrick soaked up so many, many tears. I'll have to come up with a name for the new bear.

I wrapped his present which I had been hiding in my office on my lunch hour. (season tickets for arena football) I accepted my Wife of the Year award from all the men I work with and listened to them moan and groan about how T was making them look bad because none of them sent flowers to their wives, etc. Then they realized that maybe T had a point with the flower thing, after all he gets to watch NASCAR and drink beer and play his playstation all he wants without any griping from me and none of them get to do those things. HA! In an emotional bank account, one must make DEPOSITS before expecting withdrawals!.

When I showed up last night I had to take three trips to unload the car. One for the flowers/balloon/bear combo, one for my purse and T's gift and one for the package from Walgreen's which contained my thyroid, estradiol and Prochieve. Not exactly the grand entrance I was hoping for. The poor dog is terrified of balloons and thought the big two headed monster was trying to eat her. She was afraid to go anywhere near the flowers/balloon/bear even though her nose told her there was definitely something to investigate.

I saw a card on the table and a bright shiny thing which at first I thought might be a jewelry box but quickly identified as a nameplate for a desk. The desk that T is getting me for soon as we go pick it out. He told me that he loved me enough last month what with getting the iPod for my birthday and then having to buy the new Dell since the iPod wouldn't work on the old he wasn't going to get me anything for Valentine's Day (the flowers/balloons/bear don't count). He didn't buy me anything, he made it. He is a machinist by trade, he engraved my name in this triangular piece of aluminum and polished it to a mirrored finish. It is beautiful! He's so sweet.

Then we actually went out to dinner... without reservations...on Valentine's Day. *During dinner our conversation drifted toward my friend S who is set to move to Alaska in a couple short weeks. I started to cry and he totally froze. He wasn't expecting this response and didn't really know what to do. He reached across the table and said "Don't cry, this is supposed to be a happy occasion!". I wiped my eyes and blinked back the tears, swallowed hard to push the sob back down before it escaped my quivering lips and we both looked around at the other tables to see if anyone had noticed my very short moment of almost-complete-break-down. I don't think they did. "Let's change the subject!" he said and we did. I don't remember to what, just not her leaving. *SOB!!!*

We returned home our bellies full, and decided to watch TV, our norm. Told you we were boring. T promptly fell asleep on the couch and I looked through my new issue of Interweave Knits with the dog on my lap and then went to bed myself.

All in all it was a good Valentine's Day, but I guess I can see why he doesn't take me out in public more often.

*Has anyone had a friend move a REALLY long way away and were you able to keep up the relationship? I already know that Les Miserables is coming this spring and I would normally go with S but she'll be gone by then. She is/was my "Theater Friend". I may end up going with my MIL! Damn this sucks, my heart is breaking even though I have a perfectly good Valentine.

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Jen P said...

I'm the best friend who moved far away, leaving my friend Grace in Houston, when I moved to NZ. It was hard as your lives change so dramatically, but with email and calling cards, you can still catch up frequently.

I miss her everyday and some days I feel my heart break because there would be something I'll see that I know she'd love, but it just makes me try a bit harder. But time does become an issue and suddenly it's been 6 weeks since you've spoken.

I think, with any important relationship, you just have to work with it and allow it to change. And let her know how much you love her at all times and how much you miss her. I think by letting her know how much I missed her helped her realize she was still so very special to me.

I hope all goes well with your friendship. Longtime friends will always be friends, regardless of the distance and I wish you guys the best.