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Friday, February 25, 2005

New Neighbors in Endo/MF Land!

So we got the results of the SA back today. Um, not sure what to think.
Here is what I have:
*Note all "normal" levels are according the specific lab that ran the test.

Volume 5.5, "normal" is 1.5-5.0 ML (Is it good to have extra fluid?)
Sperm Count 45.7, "normal" is 60-200 Mil/ML (This is low, possibly due to his flu?)
pH 8.2,"normal" is 7.0-8.3 (Within range but very high apparently.)
Viscosity Normal
Liquefaction Normal

Progressive 75%, "normal" is 60-100%
Non-Progressive 5%
Non-Motile 20%

Normal 88%
Head Defects 4%
Neck or midpiece defects 1%
Tail Defects 5%
Cytoplasmic droplets 2% (I should call the Ghostbusters if this goes up, no?)

So, we know he had the flu two weeks before this test. We can and will repeat it but when? Do we do it right away or wait three months? I am worried that over the summer while he is working in a hot machine shop (often 120F) he will just boil the little guys away.
I may be able to get him to take a multi-vitamin but I doubt I'll get him to quit drinking. He has already cut way back from what he used to drink so I don't think that is really an issue...yet.
My jaw literally dropped when he told me he discussed the test with his buddies at work. I wonder if he will tell them the results? I don't know whether I am supposed to keep it quiet or not, we'll talk tonight.
I guess I'm not overly concerned because I know he was sick before his test. We'll have to wait and see the results of the next one before we can confirm anything I think. So the debate is...Do I want him to have male factor fertility issues so that the load of responsibility does not rest solely on my shoulders or do I hope he comes back with a stellar report next time so there is one less thing to worry about? I'm leaning towards the stellar report. I have known for 12 years that my insides were fucked up. I'm used to that, I can deal with that. If we end up with a male factor on top of my pile of crap people call a body, then it is just one more setback we don't need. I may be in a tad bit of denial but with all the other numbers in normal range I think we can increase the count, don't you?
SO, Monday I will talk to the nurse and get the slip for another SA and we will decide the best time to go in for the repeat test. (The instructions that came on my slip said to repeat the test after a 3 day abstinence even though this one was after a 4 day abstinence. Does anyone in the medical profession actually read anything anymore?)


ThreeBees said...

I think the numbers sound okay -- not bad really at all.

I think a vitamin might help a little but I wouldn't worry about the drinking. If he's already cut it back -- I think your fine. My husband didn't stop drinking. He cut it back a little but I don't think it is something to worry about.

I'd try a vitamin and re test in 3 months if you are really concerned.

But, with the heat his guys will be under in 3 months -- hmmmm. Well that might be of concern to the results. My husband is a computer nerd and I'd always yell at him whenever I'd see the laptop sitting on his lap cooking his underpants navy. . .

Jen P said...

I think the vitamin would definently help. Anything with Zinc will help those sperm swim faster. They need zinc to propel themselves through the mucous.

I'd also be a bit concerned about the heat those guys might be exposed to. Matt is really big on baths and I found that by cutting those out (and that's just bath water temp) that his guys were better. It'd be interesting to repeat the test sooner and then again in the 3 months to see if the heat is having any real effect.

Hope all is going well. Best wishes.