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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Brownie with the Light Gray Paws

We are working on the house...still...always.  T was painting the basement floor last week.  Not the entire floor, just one end so that he can install the cabinets we bought and get started making a countertop for it to serve as his work bench.  Maggie had spent most of the evening up in the office with me.  At one point T called me down to the basement to discuss the exact placement of the cabinets and it was during this discussion that we noticed some paw prints across the newly painted floor.  It is quick drying paint.  She must have made her venture into the far corner about half hour after he finished.  Her paws lifted the paint right off the floor in the very precise shape of her feet.  She was standing there looking at us looking at the floor.  We called her over, lifted her paws and caught her, well,  red handed so to speak. 
The next morning T greeted Maggie as Paint Walker.  I thought it had a very "Spirit Name" sound to it, but he has now taken to calling her Gray Paw. Can you really be mad at this face?

1 comment:

ThreeBees said...

OMG! What an adorable dog!!

I am such a sucker for a cute puppy -- they can pretty much get anything they want from me with a cute little face -- especially forgivness. :)

So cute! Thank you for sharing.